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Here We Go Again….

Posted by DINRIL on March 26, 2007

…..with our annual round-up of Eurovision’s runners and riders, from the first semi-finalist right through to the last finalist. With 42 countries taking part this year we’ve got a lot to get through – so bear with us, and hopefully we’ll get them all done in time for May 12. So, without further ado, step forward….


Song: Voda (Water)

Artist: Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov

So the honour of kicking off the 2007 semi-final falls to Bulgaria, who so far haven’t had a great deal of success on the Eurovision stage. Their debut in 2005, with Kaffe’s dreary Lorrain, made little impact on voters, and while Mariana Popova may have attracted some attention for last year’s Let Me Cry (which we recall only as a bit of a whiney racket), it wasn’t enough to land her a spot in the final. This year, however, is a very different story.  For Elitsa and Stoyan offer up a stonker of a track to get the semi-final underway – part ethnic folk chant, part trancey-techno number, it’s quite unlike anything else in this year’s contest, and curiously enough, quite unlike much we’ve heard in past contests. After two years of misfires, it’s great to see Bulgaria coming up with such a good entry – we just hope, that with so many songs battling for attention in this year’s semi-final, that it isn’t forgotten about.

For It: It’s a great tune – fresh, modern and very credible indeed.

Against It: First is never a good position to be in Eurovision – then again it didn’t do Armenia any harm last year.

Prediction: Unless it all goes horribly wrong on the night we reckon this one should sail comfortably through to the final.


Song: Push The Button

Artist: Teapacks

When you’re left licking your wounds after one of your country’s worst ever Eurovision performances (Eddie Butler’s dreary Together We Are One, which barely scraped even a single figure score in 2006), what better way to bounce back than with a cheery little ditty about nuclear annihilation? The Israelis have a history of causing controversy at Eurovision (Dana International and Ping Pong being two prime examples), and this year is no exception –  Teapacks have already hit headlines around the world for their entry, and there was even speculation that the song’s political nature might lead to them being disqualified. And it comes as no surprise that the Iranian president is none too pleased with Push The Button either, since there’s been speculation that the song is about him and his intentions to “wipe Israel off the map” (the band have since denied this).

But away from the controversy, is Push The Button actually any good? Well, it’s fair to say that this is one of those songs that you’ll either love or hate, with its growly voiced, half-sung, half-shouted vocals, multiple languages, lunatic accordion player and that bit in the middle where it seems to turn into a different song completely. Personally, we approve – but whether the voting public will is another matter entirely.

For It: It arrives at the contest on a wave of hype, which can only be a good thing. And it’s certainly memorable, something which will likely be enhanced by an energetic performance.

Against It: We can’t help feeling that this one has peaked too soon, and like Silvia Night last year, will have run out of steam by the time it actually gets within sniffing distance of a Eurovision stage. And singing second is never a good thing – no song in the dreaded second spot has ever gone on to win Eurovision. Although there is a first time for everything….

Prediction: We’re borderline on this one. Could make the final on controversy and hype alone, although with some very strong competition this year it could just as easily miss out. A lot will depend on the performance on the night as to whether it progresses further.

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  1. Yey! You are back!!! 🙂

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