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Song Reviews – Iceland and Georgia

Posted by DINRIL on April 3, 2007


Song: Valentine Lost

Artist: Eirikur Hauksson

This year’s semi-final has such a strong opening quartet of songs that it was only a matter of time before something came along to spoil the party. And sure enough, here it is, in the shape of Iceland’s latest effort. Eirikur Hauksson (whose exotic sounding name translates as plain old Eric Hawk) is another Eurovision veteran, having first represented the country in 1986 (as part of the group ICY) – and it doesn’t look as though he’s changed his hairstyle since then. In fact, he’s one of the scariest looking people in this year’s contest – quite an achievement given some of the truly terrifying performers stepping up to the plate this year. Imagine a vacuum-packed version of David Coverdale and you’ll get the general idea.

But enough of this – what of the song? Well Valentine Lost is a pretty standard bit of soft rock Jim Steinman-esque mush, blessed with portentous lyrics about acid rain and the like (we think it’s about lost love rather than global warming but still trying to work that one out). It would appear to be the Icelandics’ attempt to cash in on Eurovision’s sudden infatuation with rock, following on from Lordi’s 2006 victory – the only problem being that lots of countries have had that idea this year – and most of them have come up with something far better. There’s no denying Eirikur is an accomplished performer, and he’ll probably deliver the goods on the night, but try as we might we really can’t find an awful lot to like about this one. Which is a shame, as Iceland have been plodding along in Eurovision for years now, still chasing that elusive victory – and we’d really like to see them do well. Not this year, however.

For It: Eirikur is an experienced Eurovision performer and will doubtless give it his all.

Against It: He’ll be fighting a losing battle with a very weak song which, sandwiched between four of the strongest songs of the semi-final, and Georgia’s uber-quirky effort, is likely to slip through largely unnoticed.

Prediction: Stranger things have happened. But can’t see Iceland making it out of the semis this year.


Song: Visionary Dream

Artist: Sopho Khalavashi

And it’s a warm welcome to one of four countries making their Eurovision debut this year (the others being Serbia, Czech Republic and Montenegro). Georgia have been threatening to join the Eurovision family for some time now, so it’s no surprise to see them in the line-up. And singer Sopho has already attracted some attention (and her fair share of Youtube impressions) for her performance in the national final, in which she wore a giant pink blancmange masquerading as a dress, from which several dancers emerged mid-song.

But fashion sense – of lack of thereof – aside, what’s the song like? Well, unusual is probably the best way of putting it. It mixes ethno-pop with uptempo dance beats reminiscent of Madonna’s Ray Of Light, all bound together by Sopho’s ethereal voice. While her national final performance and the video for the song would suggest she is as mad as a bag of spanners, she is also one of the better singers in the semi-final, and it’s her vocals which ultimately make the track stand out. Personally, we really like this – and it’s a breath of fresh air after Iceland’s turgid effort – but it’s so quirky that we’re not sure if anyone will agree with us.

For It: Sopho can certainly sing, and it’s a striking song which sounds like little else this year. Newcomers always tend to do very well or very badly on their first attempt – fingers crossed this will be one of the former. And its place in the running order between two of the weaker songs in the semi – from Iceland and Montenegro – can only be a good thing.

Against It: Might be too weird and wacky for voters’ tastes – and with so much competition this year, something has to miss out.

Prediction: This is a really tough one to call. Our heart says that this will qualify, our head isn’t so sure. But we love it and really want it to do well. We are keeping everything crossed. 


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  1. ESC_4ever said

    Vote “Dança Comigo”! Vote Sabrina! Vote for Portugal!

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