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Ukrainian Uproar

Posted by DINRIL on April 3, 2007

Verka - the village idiot? (copyright year, it seems, Eurovision brings us a fresh batch of controversy, and this year is no exception. For no sooner has the fuss over Israel’s nuclear-themed entry Push The Button died down, than Ukraine has landed in trouble over their – how shall we put this – unique entry.

According to the BBC News website, it appears that Ukrainian nationalists are none too happy about their country being represented by drag queen Verka Serduchka, and have taken to the streets to protest. Serduchka – the spangly-frocked alter ego of comedian Andrey Danilko – is a cult icon in his homeland, and popular across the rest of the Soviet Union, and is being tipped to do very well at Eurovision with the quirky little number Danzing.

However, the protesters aren’t so fond of Verka, and have started a petition calling for Ukraine’s withdrawal from the contest this year for fear of damaging the country’s reputation abroad. According to the BBC, they claim that Verka is little more than “a grotesque stereotype of a stupid Ukrainian villager”.

All of which has left us a tad puzzled (surely they’re not implying that Ukrainian villagers wear shiny dresses and big star-shaped hats at all times?) but hasn’t really changed our opinion of the fabulous Verka. It may be an acquired taste, but we think Danzing is fab, and as far as we’re concerned, the more bizarre characters in Eurovision, the better…..


One Response to “Ukrainian Uproar”

  1. A.S. said

    You mean the rest of the FORMER Soviet Union? Right?

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