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Song Reviews – Montenegro and Switzerland

Posted by DINRIL on April 6, 2007


Song: Adje Kroci

Artist: Stevan Faddy

And so to yet another country making its Eurovision debut. Hang on a minute, we hear you cry, didn’t Montenegro come second in Eurovision in 2004? Well, yes, they did, but it was as part of Serbia – and since Montenegro voted to become an independent nation just days after last year’s contest (the good people of Montenegro clearly had Eurovision participation on their minds when casting their vote…..) they are making their debut in their own right this year. Which, given all the kerfuffle over whether to send a Serbian or Montenigrin act to Athens last year (something which caused so much bother that it resulted in the country withdrawing from the contest altogether), is probably no bad thing.

However, while we’re on the subject of bad things, let us turn our attention to Stevan Faddy’s song, which is about as unremarkable a piece of boy band-esque fodder as you’re likely to come across in the contest this year. Reminding us of last year’s Belarussian effort Mama (which, quite frankly, is something we would prefer to forget), Faddy growls his way through this utterly forgettable three minutes and achieves very little in the process. Given that Serbia have sat down, thought about this whole Eurovision lark and come up with a superb entry, we can’t help feeling that the Montenegrins have let the side down just a little.

For It: Faddy may well score the teenage girl vote, although the fact there are far better looking performers in the contest doesn’t help much.

Against It: Pretty much everything really. The standard of songs in the semi-final is high this year and this just doesn’t come up to scratch.

Prediction: The Montenegrins had better hope for some friendly neighbourly voting, because right now that’s the only thing that might just land them a passage to the final. But even then we doubt it’ll happen.


Song: Vampires Are Alive

Artist: DJ Bobo

“Vampires are alive?” remarked one member of Team Eurovision upon hearing the title of Switzerland’s effort. “Don’t be silly, everybody knows vampires are dead.” Well, not according to DJ Bobo, who would have us believe that Dracula and his be-fanged friends are in fact living, breathing entities that actually warrant an entire song of their own. And as if that’s not enough, this insane bit of Europop nonsense is currently favourite to actually win this year’s contest. How, we’re wondering? True, there are many many worse songs in the contest than DJ Bobo’s effort – but in a year which has brought us so many potential winners (Belarus, Sweden, Ukraine, Serbia, Greece, Malta, and many more besides) we’re left wondering in whose world this could possibly be the favourite.

Still, it’s not a bad little tune, even if we’re not buying Bobo’s insistence in the lyrics that he is in fact a vampire (people who make such grand claims tend to be big old wusses who actually still live with their mothers) – it starts off sounding a bit like the Star Wars theme before heading into fast-paced Eurodisco-and-catchy-chorus territory, with a female singer joining Bobo on vocal duties. If we’re being honest, it’s as daft as a brush, but it’s kind of fun even if it is one of the most preposterous Eurovision songs we’ve heard in quite some time.

For It: With a title like Vampires Are Alive, viewers are unlikely to forget it in a hurry – while the chorus does have an annoying habit of lodging itself in the brain and staying there.

Against It: Being the pre-contest favourite isn’t necessarily an advantage – Iceland and Belgium found themselves in similar positions in 2005 and 2006 respectively, and look what happened to them.

Prediction: It seems that there’s always one strongly-fancied song which fails to make it out of the semi-final – and we haven’t ruled out Switzerland falling to that fate. That said, it’ll probably qualify. Or will it? Oh, we’re confused now. Let’s just say that it has a good chance of making it to the final but we don’t think it’ll do as well as the bookies are predicting. Draw your own conclusions.


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