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Song Reviews – Albania and Denmark

Posted by DINRIL on April 12, 2007


Song: Hear My Plea

Artist: Frederik Ndoci

And so to another contender for the title of ‘Scariest Looking Eurovision Performer 2007’. Albania’s Frederik Ndoci might sing beautifully, but on sight he caused several members of Team Eurovision to shriek and hide under the desk. Now don’t get us wrong – we’ve been very supportive of Albania’s efforts in Eurovision so far, and we still count Anjeza Shahini’s Image Of You as one of our favourite Eurovision songs of the decade – but this year these relative newcomers seem to have gotten it wrong in every way possible. Not only by fielding a man with a pudding bowl haircut and the kind of moustache that 14-year-old boys grow in an attempt to attract girls at the youth club disco, but also with the song itself, which is as whiney and dull an effort as you’re likely to hear in Eurovision this year.

Admittedly, the English version works a little better than the lengthy Albanian version we first heard, and Frederik certainly can sing, but in a year which has some of the strongest Eurovision songs we’ve heard in a while, we’re finding it hard to believe that anyone could misfire on so many levels. Yes, Frederik, we’ve heard your plea. Now go away.

For it: A good singer who might well deliver a good performance. And given it’s sandwiched between two disco numbers, a ballad might just stand out.

Against It: Apart from the fact it’s not very good? Well, being followed by the oh-so-flamboyant Denmark is going to ensure that nobody remembers this.

Prediction: Better luck next year, Albania. If this gets through to the final then we will – er, we won’t do anything except be very surprised. You can’t catch us out that easily.


Song: Drama Queen

Artist: DQ

This year there are two drag queens taking part in Eurovision. One, Denmark’s DQ, is a glamorous drag queen with spangly frocks, giant feathered headdresses, satin gloves and perfect make-up. The other, Ukraine’s Verka Serduchka, is basically a fat bloke in a dress. Who looks a bit like Su Pollard. No prizes for guessing which one we prefer….

That’s not to detract from Denmark though, whose fabulously colourful performer delivers a bit of upbeat disco nonsense about, er, well, life as a drama queen. And while he may not necessarily be the best singer in the contest, this is catchy and commercial, and a breath of fresh air after the stodginess of the Albanian song. How well he’ll do remains to be seen – this is the kind of thing which tends to either do very well at Eurovision or fall flat on its face – but we can’t help thinking he’ll give a performance that viewers will remember. Just as long as he remembers to pack his halterneck gown and feathered headdress.

For It:  It’s fun and colourful, which is what Eurovision should be all about. Plus being on between two of the weakest songs in the semi-final (Albania and Poland) can only work in its favour.

Against It: Might be a bit too over-the-top for some people. And DQ might be an accomplished performer and lovely to look at, but can he actually sing? Also, two drag queens at Eurovision could be one too many – or alternatively they may just cancel each other out.

Prediction: Once again, our jury is out. But we’re inclined to think that has a pretty good chance of making it to the final.


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