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This is impossible….

Posted by DINRIL on May 9, 2007

…..but we’re going to do it anyway – offer our predictions for who’ll qualify for the semi-final that is. Predicting this year’s lucky ten has been an uphill struggle, largely because the standard of songs has improved to such an extent that there are loads of potential candidates. Frankly it’s easier to predict who won’t qualify (Czech Republic, Albania…..) than who will!

Nonetheless, here’s what we reckon. In no particular order, our predictions are:

BELARUS – one of the few sure things of the semi-final, as far as we’re concerned. It’s a cracking tune, very reminiscent of Russia’s 2006 effort, and we’d be very surprised if it didn’t make it through.

SERBIA – the only other sure thing in a very crowded semi-final, Marija will not only make it through but she’s got a very good chance of winning the whole damn thing as well.

BULGARIA – being on first is never easy, but this is such a striking tune – quite unlike anything in the whole contest, that we reckon people will remember it through to voting time. Yet another relative newcomer who’s finally gotten the hang of Eurovision.

MALTA – Vertigo is one of those tracks you either love or loathe, but Olivia has tried so many times to represent Malta at Eurovision that you just know she’ll give it her all on the night. Expect a fab performance of this dramatic song, and a swift passage to the final.

SWITZERLAND – we’re starting to see the appeal of DJ Bobo’s very well-liked vampire tune. There’s a slim chance it could ‘do a Belgium 2006’ and fail to qualify in the face of high expectations, but we don’t think that’ll happen.

SLOVENIA – another one which has divided the Team Eurovision audience, we still think this is going to do very well indeed, provided Alenka doesn’t screech like an out of tune cat on the semi-final stage (she won’t, trust us).

ISRAEL – some have been suggesting that Teapacks peaked too soon, given the early controversy caused by Push The Button, but we can’t help thinking this is going to be one of the most entertaining performances of the night. Provided they can overcome ‘the curse of number two’ then they should make it through.

LATVIA – we know it’s cheesy nonsense, but we’ve fallen for it completely. And we reckon plenty of other people will too. 

CYPRUS – we’ve been in two minds over this one. Can all of the first four songs really qualify? Well yes, on reflection we think they can, and this is a very strong tune whose chances really can’t be discounted. Like Switzerland, we think it’s a candidate for ‘doing a Belgium’ but can’t see it happening.

ANDORRA – yes, it’s this year’s mad, random prediction (well we chose Ukraine in the mad random category last year and we were right about that!) Word from Helsinki is that this is going down a storm in the Hartwall Arena, boosting its chances considerably. It’s a lively, appealing song, very different from anything the Andorrans have fielded to date, and we’re going to stick our collective necks out and say that it’ll see them through to their first final.

Possible Spoilers

Turkey – it’s a tad reckless not to predict Turkey, given the legions of Turks across Europe who’ll vote for Kenan, but we just think that Shake It Up Shekerim lacks a certain something. That said, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it in the final line-up.

Moldova – one that’s grown on us, Natalia’s performance is said to be strong, but is it strong enough to land the Moldovans in the final once again? Could be interesting if she does get through and is drawn to sing right after the Finnish rock chick.

Netherlands – no idea why, but we reckon this is going to do a lot better than most people are predicting.

Hungary – bit of a strange one. Could do really well, could fall flat on its face. It’s so unusual to see this kind of music in Eurovision that we wouldn’t rule out a qualification.

Georgia – not to be ruled out, Sopho has one of the most distinctive songs – and voices – in the contest. Sadly we think it may be overwhelmed by the competition, but you never know.

FYR Macedonia/Croatia – you can never rule out the Macedonians or Croatians completely, thanks to the benefits of ‘neighbourly’ voting. Of the two we’d rather see the former qualify, however, since their song is infinitely superior. As for Croatia, well we don’t care much for it, but we can see it being popular with the East European audience.


9 Responses to “This is impossible….”

  1. anon said

    Very reasonable list. My predictions assume more geographic voting (Turkey and Macedonia in, Malta and Israel out), but otherwise match yours exactly (even with
    Hungary, Malta, Moldova, and Netherlands in 11th to 14th – the most likely spoilers).

  2. I was looking at YouTube views earlier – Turkey’s ‘Shake it up Shekarim’ has had 2 million views v.s. Israel’s 600,000… and without any controversy. Has to be a favourite to win overall.


  3. Just saw the semifinal results. No Switzerland or any other Western European country!!! I had always resisted the idea that the expansion of Europe meant that western European countries could not win – but I can’t see any other explanation.
    Still, good that Bulgaria got through…

  4. Endlessky said

    The more Eurovions I watch, the more I believe how much Eurovision is all about voting NEIGHBOURS!

    We all know it.. yet we don’t admit it.

    I guess I should stop watching the eurovision and get worked up.. I just hate when good songs are left behind; and I wonder why?? Oh..fair voting..yeah sure.

  5. Whisper said

    The result of vote is just so parodic
    It’s a shame
    It’s not a fair game

    you can vote for your country? ok
    but Turkey have the most member in all other european country and for who they vote ???
    and all other , only east country , it is a coincidence ??

    The system must be change or it will go direct to the wall ( or just a show for east people )

  6. Whisper said

    i not say thal all east country don’t have good song , some have very good one , some not all

  7. Pervie said

    Cyprus and Andorra failing to qualify were the biggest mishaps in the semis. Otherwise it went as predicted.

  8. J Flowerpot said

    Cyprus, Andorra, Denmark??? All absent from the final. Im not saying the voting system is a sham but it makes you think. Surely its time the big 4 ( England, France, Germany and Spain who fund the contest)did something.

  9. Goth_godess said

    I knew Malta wasn’t going to do it this year…even tohugh i’m maltese i didn’t like the song, not even a bit. Yet i felt disppointed for Switzerland Because i thought they were gonna make it even though their live performance was a bit….. debatable.

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