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Posted by DINRIL on May 12, 2007

…..because we’re certainly planning to. Despite all the arguments raging over East vs.West, neighbourly voting et al, we still reckon it’s one of the strongest final line-ups for years. But with so many potential champions, who is likely to come away with top honours tonight? Well, we reckon the winner is going to be one of these:

UKRAINE – a real love it or loathe it experience, we still think this is fabulous stuff,  and whatever you may think of it, it’ll be a performance you’ll remember. However, we can’t help wondering whether the hype over its novelty approach, coupled with the furore over East European dominance, might lead to a bit of a backlash, allowing something else to sneak in and take the title? We shall see.

SERBIA – it’s been a while since either a ballad or a song not sung in English has triumphed, but we reckon this is the strongest candidate in years. Proof positive that you don’t need a big flashy stage show when your song is decent. Could we be heading for a repeat of the Ukraine/Serbia domination of 2004?

BELARUS – this has been one of our favourites from the start and it’s still one of the best songs in the contest as far as we’re concerned. The early position in the running order might hamper its chances slightly but expect good results nonetheless.

LATVIA – and not just because we stand to win a lot of money and want to protect our investment. This ticks all the right Eurovision boxes, is unusual without being ridiculous, and if Ukraine and Serbia end up fighting like cats for the top spot something understated like this could easily sneak in and steal their thunder.

RUSSIA – the most contemporary song in the contest, we’re still not entirely convinced that Serebro will give the best performance of the night but it’s such a catchy tune it can’t be ruled out.

SWEDEN – the only West European nation in with a real chance, as far as we’re concerned. We originally had this down as a surefire winner but now we’re not so sure – that said, it’s a fun song which could have instant appeal with those viewers who’ll be hearing it for the first time.

SOMEONE ELSE – no, this isn’t a way of covering our backs by suggesting anyone could win. What we’re saying is that it’s such a good year that aside from the obvious there’s real potential for a dark horse to triumph – specifically we’re thinking Slovenia, Georgia or even (given their plum spot in the running order), Armenia. As far as we’re concerned this is one of the most wide open contests in years – so who knows what will happen?

Enjoy the show, folks…..


4 Responses to “Enjoy The Show….”

  1. anon said

    I’m even more willing to stick my neck out and make a fool of myself than you are. I have made predictions for all twenty-four places (an asterisk represents a qualifier from the semi-final):

    01. Ukraine
    02. *Serbia
    03. *Latvia
    04. *Slovenia
    05. *Belarus
    06. Russia
    07. *Bulgaria
    08. *Moldova
    09. *Hungary
    10. United Kingdom
    11. Romania
    12. *Turkey
    13. *Macedonia
    14. Armenia
    15. *Georgia
    16. Ireland
    17. Germany
    18. Greece
    19. Spain
    20. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    21. Sweden
    22. France
    23. Finland
    24. Lithuania

  2. Fluff said

    You’re all wrong, terribly wrong…
    It’ll be the former Boldavian Republic of Plovdivakia!

  3. lise said

    how political is this now and why no italy, austria, portugal, belgium etc. i am going to invent my own country and enter myself next year!!!!

  4. jameswillisisthebest said

    This is my first post
    just saying HI

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