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How did we do??

Posted by DINRIL on May 13, 2007

So how did we fare on the predictions front this year? For starters….



We said: “Not only do we expect this to sail through the final, but we reckon it could even win the whole damn contest – if, that is, viewers can be persuaded to vote for a) a ballad and b) a song that (gasp!) isn’t in English.”

What happened: The viewers voted for a ballad that wasn’t in English. Cue Serbian victory. End of.


We said: “It might sound like utter rubbish, but this is a deceptively catchy little number which we can’t help thinking will do rather well on the night.”

What happened: Verka and his foil-clad dancers were runners-up and came perilously close to winning at several points in the voting.


We said: “Half of us… predicts yet another lower end of the scoreboard finish and yet more blaming our failures on political voting, Middle Eastern conflict etc. etc., while we sit back and say, ‘well perhaps if you wanted a better result you should have picked a better song’”.

What happened: Yet another lower end of the scoreboard finish, thus proving us well and truly right. We’re just sitting back and waiting for the political voting diatribes to kick off. Maybe if we picked a proper song next year, chaps?


We said: “It’s far from our favourite, yet we have a funny feeling this might be one to watch.”

What happened: Eighth place for the Armenians, not exactly victory but enough to see them through to the final for a second consecutive year. Not bad going given they’ve only been in the contest since 2006!


We said: “There are of course two types of debutant country in Eurovision – those who come up with something brilliant on their first attempt and do very well, and those who come up with something utterly dreadful and finish nowhere.”

What happened: Un point. Even the UK did better than that.



We said: “Provided Olivia can….turn in a performance that does the song justice, then we envisage this one qualifying with ease – and potentially doing very well indeed in the final.”

What happened: Complete and utter disaster on the Maltese front – not only did they fail to get out of the semis but they were left floundering near the bottom of the semi-final scoreboard. To be fair though, Olivia didn’t exactly come up trumps on the performance front.


We said: “With a twinkly, flamboyant performance a near certainty, another Swedish victory is a very real possibility.”

What happened: Humph.


We said: “Should provide the Spaniards with a considerably better result than their recent efforts.”

What happened: Well, to be fair, they did score more points than they have in recent years but they were still left mouldering in the bottom half of the scoreboard. So technically we got this one wrong.


We said: “As long as Alenka can keep the operatics in check and doesn’t screech like an out-of-tune cat on the night, then we think Slovenia could be in for their best Eurovision result yet.”

What happened: We have no idea, quite frankly, since a striking song and near perfect performance should have given this a far better result (even the non-Eurovision fans in the Team Eurovision party on the night rated this one). Still, we were so happy that they got through to the final in the first place that we’ll let this one go.


We said: “We wouldn’t rule out a finish near the top of the scoreboard.”

What happened: Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! (weeping accompanied by sound of investment rolling away and the realisation that we will never get our tenner back……)


5 Responses to “How did we do??”

  1. Tinsie said

    No doubt about it, it’s been an interesting contest this year. I watched it with a group of friends of different nationalities, all Eurovision enthusiasts. Between us we selected a top ten the we thought would do well based on the performaces on the night. Our top ten featured: Finland, Slovenia, Greece, Latvia, Russia, Germany, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria. The only one I’m personally surprised about is Finland. I thought they’d do way better, but then again if you’re looking for votes perhaps you shouldn’t be saying things like “leave me alone, I wanna go home” or people may do just that 😉

  2. anon said

    I got seven of ten of the top ten correct. I could see the western pileup at the bottom of the scoredboard coming (especially Sweden – which for some strange reason, people expected to do well), but many didn’t expect it even after the semifinal.

    I had Latvia and Slovenia too high. I of course didn’t know the semifinal results, but they (and Hungary) took big falls pointwise (and placewise) from the semifinal to the final (mostly from worse draws, I assume). Bulgaria and Moldova increased points from the semifinal with much better draws. Never underestimate the importance of the draw! I doubt Serbia would have won if it had been performed third.

    I also had Armenia doing much better than expected (but still too low).

    The east clearly sent better songs this year, but it is not a good thing that all seven of the western European countries ended up in the bottom eight.

    Deserved to do better (other than already mentioned): Germany
    Deserved to do (much) worse: Greece, Russia, Turkey

  3. Graeme said

    I watched it with a bunch of Slovenes and they were all horrified and embarrassed by the Slovenian performance. The glowing hand trick!

  4. Madeleine said

    Finally a song people could listen too, she is not a “performer” rather a singer with a powerful voice. She won because she did indeed have the best song, and voice, most of the other you can’t even hear the cinging through the disco music!

  5. WLM said

    Never underestimate the value of a decent diaspora. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Ladbrokes offering Armenia at 125/1. I mean, OK, the song wasn’t up to much and the toilet paper on the tree was a bit unedifying, but as an each-way bet (1,2,3,4) at that price it was a steal. And it nearly came off, too. They were up in fourth mid-way through the voting, and it was only that they faded in the final furlong. But a better run for your money than Sweden ever offered.

    “Will have come on for the race, and one to watch in subsequent starts”.

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