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It’s Serbia…..!

Posted by DINRIL on May 13, 2007

…..although you probably knew this by now. Belgrade 2008!


7 Responses to “It’s Serbia…..!”

  1. Pervie said

    It’s good to know, that a strong song without any extra gimmicks can succeed.

  2. Tinsie said

    Indeed. I’m glad they won – it’s a fab song. Belgrade here we come!

  3. bganon said

    Yep its us alright, we have more info and reaction at the Belgrade (english language) Blog.

    See you next year!

  4. Tinsie said

    I’ve saved your blog in my faves in case I make it to Belgrade next year for the Eurovision 🙂

  5. Howard Atkinson said

    The overall result and the Eastern stranglehold are scandalous, but the winning song actually provides one or two compensations:
    1. it’s a decent song (like some of the other Eastern songs)
    2. it was presented without gimmicks
    3. a ballad has finally won
    4. it proves a winner does not have to be performed in English
    5. Marija can really sing.

    It’s pointless to solely blame the Eastern countries for the result; all neighbours vote for each other. The problem is that, with televoting, the ever-increasing proliferation of small states in the Balkans and the former Yugoslavia, plus the large number of immigrants from some countries living abroad (Armenians and Turks, for example) have completely skewered the results. Ostrich Stockselius should have seen it coming, but chose to ignore the evidence, and now the strangehold is complete; ten places already booked in next year’s final, plus probably at least another 6 or 7 from next year’s semi. Even Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia now seem to be ostracised – the contest has been hijacked by Russia, Ukraine, the Balkans and south-east Europe. Something now reaaly needs to change – there is no longer any excuse.
    Many of the Balkan states have no problem with 50/50 jury/televoting for their own national finals, so they could hardly complain if it was introduced for the international event – their only objection could be that it gives Western Europe a look-in. Restricting voting to the countries participating in the semi and then the final might also help – the non-participating countries might pool all their votes into one jury, thus speeding up the televised process.
    There is no point complaining without offering constructive suggestions for improvement – these are mine, I’d be interested to read others.
    I was in Helsinki, and, in spite of the results, it really was a fantastic event, wonderfully staged, organised and presented and with a great variety of styles of music on offer. The Finns deserve enormous credit, and their contest deserves to be remembered for that and not for the scandalous scoreboard! The result also makes Lordi’s victory seem all the more remarkable in retrospect.
    So let’s get back to a contest where the show and the music (from all corners of Europe) are not only on display, but have a chance to compete on a reasonably fair basis. If not, a boycott beckons. . .

  6. Tinsie said

    If the quality of songs the Big 4 have been producing in recent years is anything to go by, a boycott will be music to my ears. With the possible exception of Germany, I fail to see what the UK, France and Spain bring to the competition that I would actually miss.

    There was nothing remarkable about Lordi’s victory. It simply proves that at the end of the day, winning isn’t about how many friends you’ve got, but rather how good your song is.

  7. Cyril said

    THe Eurovision Song Contest has become a total farce, especially during the last few years when countries from Eastern Europe have been winning, this is due to bringing in the audience vote which is totally biased for the ethnic nationality they belong to. For example the 2007 winner by Serbia was absolutely dire, the worst in the contest but it kept getting the point from the many Serbs who immigrated to other parts of Europe during the war in the 90s.They also got the maximum points from the Serb population in Bosnia, obviously. What get me that how quickly this country has been brought back into Europe after all the attrocities committed by the Serbs in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo. These are unforgivable crimes and Serbia should be outcast for a generation at least.

    That said if we continue to have these countries and they get the votes not on the song quality but their neighbourhood then UK as well as the other Western European countries should pull out and let them get on with it.

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