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Haven’t They Got Anything Better To Do?

Posted by DINRIL on May 15, 2007

Apparently not, it seems. In the week after the Prime Minister announced his resignation, it would appear that certain politicians have far more pressing concerns on their mind – namely the controversy over the UK’s lack of success at Eurovision. Liberal MP Richard Younger-Ross has tabled a motion, signed by three other MPs, insisting that the BBC takes action.

According to Oiko Times the motion suggests that “voting in the Eurovision Song Contest has become a joke as countries vote largely on narrow nationalistic grounds or for neighbour countries rather than the quality of the song”.

It also claims that this could harm relationships between European countries and calls upon the BBC to “insist on changes or withdraw from the contest”.

Of course the UK aren’t the only ones to be questioning the voting system, although they appear to be the only people who have taken their defeat all the way to parliament. There has also been criticism from Malta and Germany, both of whom floundered in Helsinki, while plans are afoot in the Netherlands to start a separate song contest which is only open to countries in the European Union and which harks back to old-school Eurovision rules (jury voting, songs to be performed in native language).

Obviously, with protests this vocal, contest organisers may well be forced to take a serious look at the current voting system, but Team Eurovision is still left wondering whether this is really of such national importance that it merits a debate in Parliament. If so, perhaps we could table a motion asking the public to actually choose a decent song to represent the UK in Belgrade?


3 Responses to “Haven’t They Got Anything Better To Do?”

  1. Viktor said

    Apparently your parliament is not the only one dealing with Eurovision. Our representatives were more focused on trying to prove to the voters that Marija Serifovic is a fan of theirs and not some other party during yesterdays debate about forming the new government.

  2. Tinsie said

    Bless! Whoever said that the Eurovision Song Contest was “light entertainment”, can’t have imagined *this*.

    I’d support a motion to demand we send a decent song for a change. Where do I sign?

  3. Pervie said

    Oh well, I knew that politicians always try to collect “loose points” wherever they can, but this is ridiculous!

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