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Posted by DINRIL on May 17, 2007

At this time of year, Team Eurovision gets so immersed in the contest that it seems to occupy our every waking thought – and quite a few of our sleeping ones too! So much so that a week after the contest the odd Eurovision-themed dream is still popping up at night. Since we have no other news to report today, here are our top three weird dreams of Eurovision season 2007….

1) A strange song contest held in the living-room of our editor’s childhood home, in which China stormed to victory.

2) The Eurovision Song Contest and the General Election merging, resulting in Serbia’s Marija Serifovic becoming Prime Minister of Great Britain.

 and finally…..

3) The Eurovision semi-final taking place. Narnia qualifying for the final.

If anybody else has had any similar dreams we would of course be intrigued to hear them….


3 Responses to “(Euro)Visionary Dreams”

  1. joshua said

    did Narnia actually have a decent song? or was it the ex-pat & neighbour votes that got them in???? what language did they sing in? 😀

  2. Jake said

    Narnia! Very amusing. I suppose the only votes they’d get are from those who have been lurking at the back of their wardrobe.

  3. The Schlagerboys are hoping for a Vatican City entry next year…

    Pope Whatever-his-name-is surrounded by a few Swiss Guards in funny uniforms doing a Latin disco anthem might just do the trick…

    Eurovision in the Sistine Chapel next year… Hurrah!

    The Schlagerboys xx

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