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Why Are We Not Surprised?

Posted by DINRIL on May 28, 2007

After weeks of heated debate about ‘neighbourly’ voting at this year’s Eurovision, one website has taken matters into its own hands. The ever reliable ESCNation (that’s the one with the not-at-all-addictive Scoreboard Simulator) has come to the conclusion (actually they came to it two weeks ago but we’ve only just noticed – we have other things to think about now such as the imminent arrival of Big Brother 8, that kind of thing) that – shock horror! – that Western Eurovision participants voted for the East European nations too.

They’ve even managed to prove their earth-shattering theory by removing all the East European votes from the scoreboard and totting up only the votes from the 1993 participants (plus Andorra), which results in a victory for – wait for it – Serbia! Not only that, but Ukraine still finish in second place, while Turkey, Russia and Bulgaria complete the top five.

In fact, only Belarus and Moldova find themselves booted from the top ten, to be replaced by fellow East Europeans Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In other words, there were still no Western European countries in the top ten (had this been the final vote Sweden would have just missed out, finishing 11th). The UK, meanwhile, would still have been floundering around in 19th place.

Of course we’re left wondering – is this mere coincidence? Or is it just possible that – gasp! – the Western European nations did actually have some influence in the final result? Now we’re not saying that this disproves the existence of neighbourly voting – because it’s clear that it does exist – but since it now becomes clear that the Western nations were voting for the Eastern European songs as much as the East Europeans were, perhaps we should accept that the best song won?

 And with that in mind, Team Eurovision wants to make it clear that this is the last time we’ll be mentioning this subject (unless of course political voting rears its head in Big Brother 8). Until next year that is, when the whole debate will doubtless kick off once again…..


3 Responses to “Why Are We Not Surprised?”

  1. Let’s hope this isn’t the death of the wind-machine and gratuitous frock-ripping dance routines…

    Bring back the schlager to Eurovision!!


  2. Hey guys, new here
    Great forum and content
    Keep it up


  3. Hola
    Pasate por el nuevo flog sobre eurovision ^^
    Un Saludo!

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