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So No Change There Then…

Posted by DINRIL on February 20, 2008

To be honest, we’re not going to waste time and valuable online resources analysing the six finalists in the snappily titled Eurovision – Your Decision, largely because, well, there just seems to be no point somehow. We were expecting contributions from a bunch of unknowns, reality show rejects and members of that group of people known as the Formerly Famous – and surprise, surprise, that’s what we got. So really – apart from congratulating ourselves on predicting something which was a foregone conclusion anyway – there isn’t really a whole lot else to say. And until we’ve had a chance to hear the songs it wouldn’t be fair of us to pass judgment on how the UK may fare.

That said…is it just us or is having Andy Abraham, runner up in The X Factor over two years ago, in the line-up, a bit like buying clothes from a Marks And Spencer outlet store, only to discover they’re actually from the 2005 collection and not last season’s stock at all? Just a thought…..


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