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Dustin’s Off, Man….

Posted by DINRIL on February 24, 2008

….to Belgrade to be precise, after winning the Irish final last night. Yes, the turkey triumphed, in what could only be decsribed as the most foregone conclusion of the Eurovision season so far, with his perky little number Irlande Douze Points. And as judge Dana looked on in horror, all we could wonder was whether Dustin might melt if he gets too close to the stage lights on semi-final night. And what he might taste like with roast potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Meanwhile, rumours that Hartley Hare from Pipkins plans to make a last minute bid for the UK are entirely unfounded….


One Response to “Dustin’s Off, Man….”

  1. Colin said

    I can now say that for the first time I am officialy ashamed to be Irish in this years Eurovision. Ireland has always prided itself on sending off well thought out songs with good singers but now we have reached the depths of depravity for this years entry. A Turkey of all things a stupid inanimate hand puppet. Well we can now have the official title of worst Eurovision Act for 2008 and of course we will come last again. I was praying for a little miracle that maybe RTE might wake up and change the decision but to no avail. Oh well I guess I will be hiding my head in shame this year. God Help us all Ireland no points

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