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It’s A Big Weekend…

Posted by DINRIL on February 29, 2008

…in Eurovision land once again. And frankly we can’t decide what to watch – Georgia, Finland, Latvia? Oh to hell with it, let’s watch the UK national final instead.Because even though we’re distinctly underwhelmed by this year’s contenders (“inoffensive” is probably the best word to describe them, but thank heavens there isn’t a gimmicky one amongst them) you just know we’re going to get terribly excited and wrapped up in the whole thing. Even though in the backs of our minds we’ll be wondering whether Wolves Of The Sea will be going to Belgrade or not.

And who are we backing to fly the UK flag? Well we’re not sure actually – at this stage the only one we’re ruling out is Rob McVeigh on the grounds of it being DULL as DITCHWATER (sorry to be so frank but there it is). An argument can be made for all the other contenders – Simona Armstrong would give us a chance of capturing the East European vote (or at the very least the Moldovan vote), LoveShy and The Revelations both have catchy tunes (even if the former is Serebro-lite), and Michelle Gayle – well, we’ll come back to you on that one.

That said, we’re backing Andy Abraham to represent the UK. And not just because our mothers like him (and spent more money than was really necessary voting for him to win The X Factor). His song isn’t half bad – a refreshing change of pace from what the UK has put forward recently – and we know the boy can perform. Besides, we’re just relieved it’s him who is the representative ‘X Factor reject’. And not the McDonald Brothers.

All will be revealed tomorrow night…


5 Responses to “It’s A Big Weekend…”

  1. Al Shaw said

    Thank goodness the “recent irregularities” in the Balkans (as the official Eurovision press release so charmingly describes the Kosovan declaration of independence and subsequent rioting) won’t be stopping the show!

  2. Tinsie said

    I’ll be watching – and voting. Not sure yet for whom, but I do like Andy Abraham šŸ™‚

  3. John H said

    And it’s Andy Abraham. A good result in my opinion. No, it won’t win. But I think it’ll do better than the other offerings would have done.

    Michelle Gayle is a good performer, but I don’t think the song was as good as the fawning judges made it out to be.

  4. Tinsie said

    I voted for Simona in the first round, but Andy’s won me over. All in all, I think it’s a great result – not least because Michelle Gayle didn’t go through. I agree Andy’s unlikely to win, he may not even do well, but at least it’ll be a performance we won’t be embarrassed about. Go Andy!!

  5. ciocip said

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