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Hold A Chicken In The Air….

Posted by DINRIL on March 5, 2008

….and sing a song for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Continuing this year’s inexplicable obsession with poultry (Dustin, Estonia’s bizarre chicken leg on a placard) is this little gem from one of Eurovision’s East European stalwarts. Words failed us at first, but having listened to Laka’s song a few times (and taken in the splendour of the performance right down to the mad dance routines of the Helena Bonham Carter lookalike), we’ve decided it’s actually quite marvellous – if nothing else because it taps into our indie music-loving sensibilities (that’s the ‘proper’ music that we listen to for the 11 months of the year that we’re not obsessing over Eurovision….) The whole thing looks remarkably like Eurovision might if it were directed by Tim Burton, and given the fact that it sounds like nothing else in this year’s contest we might even venture to suggest it’s in with a chance of giving Bosnia their first Eurovision victory. Would Sarajevo 2009 really be out of the question?????

And just one other thing we want to know: how on earth did they get that rooster to stay still for the duration of the song…..?


4 Responses to “Hold A Chicken In The Air….”

  1. John H said

    That’s really cheered me up on a cold Thursday morning. Absolutely charming – although I’m not sure about those Coldplay drums in the middle.

  2. Tinsie said

    This is *way* too weird for me and nowhere near wonderful enough!

  3. Pervie said

    Well, novelty entries won’t stop there: Spain has joined the club!

  4. daveb said

    the performance is certainly in the nutter category which makes it stand out which you have to do but i think it is musically the most interesting song in the contest – i hope it does well as opposed to ireland and spain who seemed to have spat out the dummy and chucked the toys out of the pram

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