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Big Up For Bulgaria…

Posted by DINRIL on March 8, 2008

After a less than auspicious start to their Eurovision career (the seriously dodgy jazz rock of Lorrain followed by the wailing nonsense that was Let Me Cry), Bulgaria have made a complete about turn and are fast becoming one of our favourite new Eurovision nations. They took a lot of people by surprise (us included) last year with the cracking tune Voda and were rewarded for their efforts with fifth place in Helsinki – but given their previous track record we thought perhaps it was a one off.

However this year’s effort, DJ Take Me Away by Deep Zone and Balthazar, is just fabulous, standing out like a very large standing object in a sea of old school ballads and standard issue disco stompers. OK, so its twiddly record scratching and dancey beats might be a bit 1987, and the slow reggae bit in the middle sounds a bit weird, but who cares when a song is this much fun?

Along with those oh so wacky Bosnians, this is one of our favourite songs in the contest so far, to the extent that we want to dance around like lunatics whenever we hear it (word of warning however: breakdance moves should not be attempted by anyone over the age of 36 without proper adult supervision and a trained first aider standing by). There’s still a long way to go and there are still songs to be chosen, but even at this early stage, we’re prepared to stick our necks out and predict that the Bulgarians will find themselves in the top five again this year. Take a look for yourselves….


5 Responses to “Big Up For Bulgaria…”

  1. John H said

    I’m not so sure. It’s a great pop dance track, but I can see it following the Kate Ryan route of failing in the semis, and becoming a massive hit in Europe anyway.

  2. Tinsie said

    I love it. I loved Kate Ryan’s song. It’s doomed 😦

  3. Catherine said

    Two years in the EU, two dance tracks…. hmm!

  4. Pervie said

    Again quite modern entry from Bulgaria.

  5. daveb said

    i love it – i think she is a natural performer and with a good stage show it should do very well however musically it is not special which just might prevent it from being a top 5

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