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All Hail Those Wacky Belgians…

Posted by DINRIL on March 17, 2008

Belgium haven’t had much success in the Eurovision arena ever since they finished second in 2003 with a mad song in a made-up language – but we think this year could be the year to change all that, as they head to Serbia with, well, a mad song in a made-up language. When we first heard Ishtar’s O Julissi Na Julini our reactions ranged from “what the BLINKIN’ FLIP is this?” through to “well, it’s different, I’ll give them that…..” but the more we’ve heard it the more we’ve begun to appreciate its quirky yet sweetly melodic charms. In fact, given its capacity to divide audiences more than any other entry this year we have dubbed it the ‘Marmite’ song of the contest, in that you either love it or hate it – and if we tell you that we enjoy Marmite on toast for breakfast on a regular basis then you can probably guess which side of the fence we’re on. Expect this one to either score no points whatsoever or win the whole damn contest….


3 Responses to “All Hail Those Wacky Belgians…”

  1. chikichiki said

    Know the Spanish contestant:

  2. piopik said

    Hi sorry for this message. I would like to invite you to join in the iFestival – the web song contest. It’s starting on friday, but you still can enroll and send song to friday 21:00. I hope you’ll have fun.

  3. ocdtetris said

    Sometimes Eurovision is hilarious, I love some of the novelty acts! Others can’t sing at all sometimes, lol.

    I’ve put together all my favourite funny auditions in my new blog, I’m sure you will like them 🙂

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