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The Eurovision Pong Contest?

Posted by DINRIL on April 9, 2008

Could this be the oddest story of the Eurovision season so far? According to ESC Nation (a site we like very much since it is the home of the shameless addictive Scoreboard Simulator) Georgian singer Diana Gurtskaya will be quite literally getting up the noses of fans and fellow performers in the run-up to Belgrade 2008 by launching her own perfume.

The eponymous fragrance was chosen by Gurtskaya from 20 different scents, each aiming to represent the blind singer’s personality. The eventual winner, which is said to smell of hyacinth, iris and pink pepper, apparently “leaves an inimitable trace,” like Gurtskaya herself (or something). We are also informed it will allow the audience to see Diana’s “inner world” as expressed in her song Peace Will Come.

Whatever next, we ask ourselves? Evdokia Kadi’s Femme Fatale Fragrance to promote Cyprus? Andy Abraham Cologne? Dustin’s Scent of Roast Turkey? (yum! – Ed) This one could run and run, we fear….



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