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Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time…

Posted by DINRIL on April 15, 2008

Around this time every year we always find ourselves digging this clip out, but this year it seems more relevant than ever. Israel’s 1987 entry, by that wacky twosome Datner and Kushnir serves as a timely reminder that gimmicky entries are by no means a new innovation on the Eurovision stage (although admittedly in those days they were a little more few and far between) and as awful as it is, we just can’t resist it. Why? Well, apart from proving to us that they came up with the concept of high waisted trousers on international television long before Simon Cowell even thought of it, it’s the fact that the whole thing is just so wonderfully unpolished. While this year’s crop of ‘novelty’ funsters are relying on puppetry, singing to live chickens, flag-waving dance routines and oddness involving children’s guitars, Datner and Kushnir appear here to be making the whole thing up as they go along. Oh, and it’s worth remembering that this oddly amateur display actually did well enough to finish eighth on the night – far better than some of their more serious recent entries have done. Enjoy….


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