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Why We Love Eurovision: Part 962

Posted by DINRIL on April 25, 2008

It isn’t just because of the catchy tunes, the elaborate dance routines, the political voting or the people singing tenderly to live chickens. No, it’s on account of press releases like this one, from the Hungarian delegation about their entrant Czesy:

“The young singer and her fiancé live on the brink of a forest in Northern Hungary. When we asked Csézy about her pets, she started to talk about a bat. ’We have a domesticated bat. It could be a man – she laughs – a typical bachelor. He is a nice guy, because he has never brought his buddies home.’ There is a deer-family near their house and they have a mole in the garden. ‘Nobody believes me, but the mole listens to us and shakes itself when we talk to it.’”

Now call us a bit strange (and you may well do), but throughout all our travels to far flung locations, including some in Eastern Europe, we have never encountered a shaking mole. However, our editor does have a vibrating hamster on her Facebook profile. Does this count? Thought not…..


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