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Song Reviews – Estonia and Moldova

Posted by DINRIL on April 25, 2008


Song: Leto Svet

Artist: Kreisiraadio

In spite of producing one of the least memorable contest winners of all time, and having a less than successful track record since, we have a bit of a soft spot for Estonia in Eurovision terms. We love the fact that they swept to victory with a bloke called Dave, we think they put on a damned good show in Tallinn in 2002, and we’re even rather taken with the fact that even though they’re the only former Soviet nation not to make it out of the semi-final, they just keep on trying where other nations have flounced off in a huff, muttering something about political voting.

However, the simple fact is they haven’t done too well of late, narrowly missing out on a couple of semi-finals and even failing to qualify when they got a Swedish lady to represent them (the lovely Sandra Oxenryd in 2006). The closest they have gotten to a sniff of top ten success, in fact, was when the Swiss got a bunch of Estonians to represent them in Kiev, and let’s face it, that doesn’t really count. So in order to try and reverse their fortune, what have they done? Gone down the novelty route, that’s what. Thus we have comedy act Kreisiraadio – a bunch of middle-aged looking blokes with suspect facial hair and pastel coloured suits – singing a jaunty little number about chicken (or something), backed by scantily clad dancers in Bacofoil hotpants doing high kicks in the background. Sounds ghastly, doesn’t it? Well in a really odd way, it works – the song itself is an irritatingly catchy little number that you’ll struggle to get out of your head (and in a contest where much of the audience will be hearing the songs for the first time on the night itself, that’s a pretty crucial factor) and the whole thing is done in such a good-natured manner we can’t help but like it. It’s just a shame that the Estonians feel they have to resort to such gimmicky tactics in order to get a sniff of final action, since this probably gives them their best chance of qualifying in years. Still, if it worked for the Lithuanians, then why shouldn’t it work for them?

Reminds us of: Verka Serduchka’s Danzin’ – which is no bad thing.

Will it qualify: It certainly has a good chance, especially given that it sticks out like a sore thumb in the middle of some very middle-of-the-road entries – but will the rest of Europe get the joke?


Song: A Century Of Love

Artist: Geta Berlacu

While Estonia seem to be taking their cue from what the Lithuanians did in 2006, the Moldovans seem to be more inspired by what they did in 2007, since A Century Of Love is so remarkably reminiscent of 4Fun’s Love Or Leave that you’d almost swear you were listening to the same song. And like that effort, it is every bit as insipid and forgettable. Moldova’s short Eurovision career has been a bit of a hit and miss one, veering from their fabulous debut (courtesy of Zdob si Zdub and their granny) to the not bad (Natalia Barbu’s Fight, which we didn’t really see the merits of until we actually saw it on the Eurovision stage) to the frankly rubbish (the Peter Andre-esque Loco, and the less said about that the better).

To their credit, they haven’t missed out on a final yet – but there is of course a first time for everything. And this effort is just so – how shall we put it – meh – that we can’t really see it doing much to improve Moldova’s status in the Eurovision hall of fame. We’ve even had trouble finding things to say about it. So we’ll stop now.

Reminds us of: Love Or Leave. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Will it qualify: Well they’ll get 12 points from Romania (since they’re botn in the same semi) but we can’t see them making much of an impact otherwise….


One Response to “Song Reviews – Estonia and Moldova”

  1. Yug said

    Estonia racked up an average of 9.00 points per country (sixth highest score ever) in winning the 2001 contest. They beat the average score that year by 6.36 points per country (third highest amount ever).

    As for their song this year, I can’t see them qualifying with it. Only one country has a good novelty entry this year – Spain, and the first semi-final has too many other good entries. I just don’t think people (especially in Eastern Europe) will find this amusing.

    I agree with you completely about Moldova. This will finish near the bottom.

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