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The Great Big Eurovision Experiment – Sweden!

Posted by DINRIL on April 30, 2008

And a great big thank you to the good people of the Swedish delegation for being the first to get back to us with answers to our questions in our mass Eurovision experiment. One down, 42 to go – over to you, Charlotte Perrelli….

How does it feel to be representing your country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

It feels like an honor and I’m looking forward to it.

What are you most looking forward to about taking part?

It should be very nice to see the country and it’s a fantastic show to be a part of.

What can we expect from your performance?

I think it’s a good song and we have been working really hard on the stage number and it feels great!

Which of this year’s other songs do you rate?

Ukraine, Rumania and Albania.

Have you always been a fan of Eurovision?

Not always, when I were younger I prefered to watch only the Swedish competition.

Which is your favourite Eurovision song of all time, and which is your favourite from your home country?

My favorite international is “Halleluja” from Israel and my Swedish favorite is “Stad i ljus” with Tommy Körberg. 

What do you think about the debate over so-called ‘political’ voting? Do you think it exists or is it more a case of viewers in certain parts of the world voting for artists they are already familiar with?

I think it could be this way for example, Swedish people likes Scandinavian music and that one of the reasons that they might vote for example Denmark.

 How is Eurovision received in your country? Do people take it seriously there?

Very well, It’s the biggest music show in Sweden and 50% (4,5m) are watching the shows. We have four semi finals, a second chance and then the grand finale!

  Why do you think Eurovision is still so popular, even after all these years?

People love big shows, especially if they can be a part of it and when they can vote for their favorite to win.

 What do you think of this year’s UK entry? Do you think your country may give us some points (please?????? 😉 )

Actually I think that kind of a funny song could have a good chance. People always like new things and also like suprices so you will proberly get some points from us. Wiiieee! =) (Er, is she getting us confused with Ireland by any chance?????? – Ed)

Charlotte – you rock, lady! Who’s next?


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