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The Great Big Eurovision Experiment – Bulgaria

Posted by DINRIL on May 7, 2008

DJ Balthazar, take it away…

How does it feel to be representing your country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

We are very very excited to represent our country this year, because it is a great honour and a huge challenge. Eurovision is the biggest musical contest in the world, so this is a big responsibility for all of us.
What are you most looking forward to about taking part?
We look forward to meeting many new people and having a lot of fun!
What can we expect from your performance?
Right now we’re preparing our performance for Belgrade and we believe it will be very spectacular. We will have a brand new styling, better choreography and many new elements on stage. We will use also our unique musical instrument – the laser harp, which was made specially for us and our live performances. It’s more or less similar to Jean Michelle Jarre’s laser harp, but with a much more modern design. The harp projects 20 green laser beams, which are controlled by a midi protocol. When you touch a beam with your hand then a sound is produced and you can play the harp like a real synthesizer. We will even allow the journalists at the press conferences in Belgrade to try the harp for themselves.
Now we can also reveal the newest addition to our stage show. We will use and present – for the first time in the world – the revolutionary product of the japanese company Vestax, a turntable in the shape of a guitar. It will allow us, the 2 DJs, to go out of the dj booth and scratch live like a guitar player. It was really hard to get these instruments, because they are still prototypes and not for sale.
We are also very happy to have in our team one of the best break dancers in the world, who won a lot of international contests – Peter from Electric Force crew.
Which of this year’s other songs do you rate?

Our personal favourite is the song of Iceland.
Have you always been a fan of Eurovision?

Not really, we have watched Eurovision only since 2005. That’s the year in which Bulgaria participated in Eurovision for the first time.
Which is your favourite Eurovision song of all time, and which is your favourite from your home country?

Our all time favourite Eurovision song is Abba’s “Waterloo”. And from our home country it’s Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankulov’s “Voda” – the one that won the 5th place last year.
What do you think about the debate over so-called ‘political’ voting? Do you think it exists or is it more a case of viewers in certain parts of the world voting for artists they are already familiar with?

To be honest it’s quite hard to say if “political” voting exists. However, we believe that it’s more the case that viewers vote for artists they already know and like.
How is Eurovision received in your country? Do people take it seriously there?
As we already said Bulgaria is very new in Eurovision. Each year ESC’s popularity in our country grows more and more. Right now the Bulgarian people take the contest very seriously. They discuss the songs, make debates, write in forums, etc.
Why do you think Eurovision is still so popular, even after all these years?
Maybe because people like to watch the competition and to bet which country will win. In a certain way Eurovision is like a huge reality music show for whole Europe.
What do you think of this year’s UK entry? Do you think your country may give us some points (please?????? 😉 )
It’s a very well produced song with a strong vocal and we like it. And we really hope that Bulgaria will give to UK a lot of points :))




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