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Posted by DINRIL on May 19, 2008

After much deliberating and cogitating (as they used to say on Masterchef) together with scratching of heads, hair-pulling and scrapping, Team Eurovision presents its predictions for the ten songs which will qualify through to the final from Tuesday’s semi – and they are, in no particular order:

ARMENIA – cracking lively tune which lots of voters will remember (and let us not forget that fact that Armenia have only been in the contest since 2006 and still have yet to finish outside the top ten). Expect to see this one breeze through, and be up there with the big guns in the final.

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA – word from Belgrade suggests wacky Laka is fast becoming the one to beat, both in semi-final and final terms. Still not 100 per cent convinced it is a contest winner (although we have our sneaking suspicions), but we would be scandalously surprised if this one didn’t make it through to the final.

RUSSIA – a very obvious qualifier, even though we’re not so sure that ‘Vincent’ has quite as good a song as he had in Athens. Ho hum.

GREECE – it would be a funny old contest if the Greeks didn’t qualify, since they’ve yet to fall at the semi-final hurdle (although that’s largely because they keep finishing in the top ten and under the old system bypassed the semis completely – and there was no way Sakis’ shirt-falling shenanigans weren’t going to get them a place in the final in 2004. And pause for breath…..) Still not sure about the song but we’re confident it’ll be there come Saturday.

ROMANIA – it’s a ballad-tastic year at Eurovision (not surpising given who won last year) and this is one of the better ones. Expect Nico and Vlad to make it through easily. And we’re not just putting this in order to pacify those members of the team who have been dribbling over Vlad since the clip first appeared on Youtube.

NORWAY – strong song, good singer. We’re going to stick out our collective necks and say this will surprise a lot of people.

SLOVENIA – again a good strong mainstream pop song that should make it through. We’re a bit worried about Rebeka’s ability to deliver the goods on the night, but if she can pull it off, then they’re in (Editor’s note: we’re starting to warm to Slovenia considerably due to their status as a much maligned Eurovision nation – they should have qualified in 2006 and should have done much better last year. Fingers crossed this is the one that finally puts them in the top ten).

ANDORRA – yes, we reckon it’s their year. Don’t know why – if they were in the second semi where this kind of song appears to be running riot, we wouldn’t be so sure, but in the kinder, gentler, first semi we reckon they have a fighting chance. All together now: Oh Casanova….etc.

AZERBAIJAN – no, we don’t like it. But this song appears to be bafflingly popular, which means these boys and their noise could well land Azerbaijan in the final on their very first attempt.

BELGIUM – OK, so we’re really not sure about this one at all. BUT – we have said all along that this weird and wonderful little folk tune is the kind of thing which will either win the entire contest or come last. And for the moment we are going to predict that it’ll be the former (maybe not quite win, but certainly make it through to the final). And don’t forget that the final country to go through in each semi will be decided by jury vote – and if ever there were a song that would benefit from the decision of a jury, it’s this one. We shall see.


IRELAND – sorry to say that we think the hype bubble has burst, and we’re still not convinced that Eastern Europe will get the joke – as far as we can tell the more subtle novelty¬†entries which benefit from gimmicky performances but still manage to be decent songs (take a bow Bosnia, and Spain we’re still not sure about your song but we’ll give you this – it’s catchy) are the ones which will triumph. Dustin, to our mind, is just too blatant to succeed – and besides, why should Eastern Europe and the surrounding nations vote for a song which questions their voting habits and takes a pop at Eurovision in general? Possibly we’re being a little cynical and bitter here but we reckon Dustin may be just cold leftovers by Wednesday morning…..


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