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Semi-Final the First – the results!

Posted by DINRIL on May 20, 2008

And the ten countries to make it through to the final from the first semi are…












6 Responses to “Semi-Final the First – the results!”

  1. Tinsie said

    Mmmm wasn’t too taken with Poland, but I’m not surprised by any of the others. My own faves were Greece, Romania, Russia, Israel and Norway. Armenia and Azerbaijan I wasn’t too taken with, but they could grow on me. I was horrified at Bosnia’s performance (I thought it sounded lovely on the CD) but as fun entries go it was the best of the lot, so I’m happy it went through.

    Absolutely delighted that Ireland and Estonia were booted – they deserved nothing more!

  2. George said

    Finland and Greece as Favorites… Do not underestimate the Metalheads… they are the most passionate music fans in the world… Also Greeks have the most organised immigrants in Europe… Anyway can’t wait for my personal Favorite – Bulgaria…

  3. John L said

    I think with the loss of Dustin Germany might pull out a surprise.

  4. Yug said

    Easiest show to call ever (I got nine out of ten, with Slovenia in my to ten and Finland twelfth). I didn’t think Finland would appeal to enough voters, but obviously, it did (I assume they weren’t the jury pick).

    Both Americans qualified (probably because so few people knew they were Americans 🙂 ).

    With fewer good songs, it will be much more difficult to predict the second semi-final.

  5. Sammy said

    @ Yug: Totally agree with you. I wasn’t too sure about Poland or Finland, but the other 8 were easy to predict once you’d seen the performances. I half expected Belgium and Andorra to go through, but otherwise no great surprises – the best songs got the votes alright.

    It’d be interesting to see who the juries voted for.

  6. Pervie said

    I think the jury vote went either to Israel or Poland.

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