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The Great Big Eurovision Experiment – Ukraine

Posted by DINRIL on May 23, 2008

Words from the Shady Lady herself, Ani Lorak….

How does it feel to be representing your country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

It feels absolutely amazing! I am so excited to meet the audience! Singing is my life and I am very happy to experience new emotions on the Eurovision stage. When I performed at La Scala Club in London, I was swept off my feet by the energy of the listeners, by their screams “Shady Lady!”, by the way they sang my song together with me. Moreover, I was the first participant from Ukraine who went to UK on the promo-tour. I feel great representing my country and I hope that this year’s performance will be a memorable event to all ESC fans.
What are you most looking forward to about taking part?

Eurovision is great because you get to know the uniqueness of every European country. Apart from the excitement that I’m looking forward to receive on the stage and the accumulation of emotions, ready to explode during the performance, I have a very important message to deliver to the European public. I have always been concerned with the problem of discrimination against HIV-infected people. I think that this problem comes from the lack of knowledge on HIV/AIDS. I came to remind that AIDS cannot be transmitted through friendship!

What can we expect from your performance?

You’ll see the Shady Lady, her energy, strength, love, and passion. You’ll see her magic.

Which of this year’s other songs do you rate?

Every song is unique in its own way. Sitting in a green room after the performance, I’m not going to think how many votes other participants are getting. The only thing in my mind will be the excitement from the performance and the foretaste of my results.  I want to wish all the contestants good luck!

Have you always been a fan of Eurovision?

I can’t really say that. I’ve heard a lot about the contest before and I knew that it’s a great event in Europe for many years which unites so many different countries. Now that I am a part of it, of course, I enjoy it so much.

Which is your favourite Eurovision song of all time, and which is your favourite from your home country?

I loved Helena Paparizou’s song and Molitva, the winner-song of the last year. 

What do you think about the debate over so-called ‘political’ voting? Do you think it exists or is it more a case of viewers in certain parts of the world voting for artists they are already familiar with?

I think it is more a matter of the tradition and friendship. Neighbour countries have similar mentality, therefore maybe they understand each other’s songs better. I think that usually the best song wins and this year won’t be an exclusion.

How is Eurovision received in your country? Do people take it seriously there?

Ukrainians enjoy Eurovision a lot! It is a very popular and exciting event in our country. It is widely discussed in the press, on TV. It is everywhere

Why do you think Eurovision is still so popular, even after all these years?

Because it is one of a kind.

What do you think of this year’s UK entry? Do you think your country may give us some points (please?????? ;)) 

 Andy is so unique! We met with him in London during our performance in Scala Club at the Preview Party. His song is absolutely positive, joyful, and full of love. It is wonderful! I think that he is a great talent and wish him the best of luck


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