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Russia Wins!!!!!!!!!

Posted by DINRIL on May 25, 2008

Well done Vincent!! Finally, after years of being the bridesmaid, Russia have taken the Eurovision title, courtesy of Dima Bilan, his gold medal figure skater (so we are told) and his slick song Believe. Not our favourite Eurovision winner (well could anything really top The Herreys?) but a deserved victory nonetheless. So next year we’ll be off to Moscow. Or St Petersburg. Or Siberia. Or possibly even Vladivostok. Break out the vodka! (hey, do we really need an excuse?)

Oh, and let us gloss over Team Eurovision’s favourite comment of the night: “Well, Russia winning is probably a good thing since it doesn’t hurt to be nice to the Russians.” Meaning??????


5 Responses to “Russia Wins!!!!!!!!!”

  1. ember999 said

    Dima Bilan was awesome, fantastic! It did help that he is incredibly good looking and sexy though LOL

  2. Donna Chalas said

    Maybe all the participating countries should bring their Gold Medal Olympians to Eurovision.
    The Russian singer apperently could not stand on his talent alone????
    The world already has one Olympic Games, Do we need another. And ohhh so many Gold Medals in the Olympic games wasn’t enough… Let’s take the win of Eurovision away from a young aspiring singer…. What a shame!!!!!
    Not a laughing matter..

  3. Sammy said

    I like Dima Bilan. He deserved to win in Athens two years ago, so I’m happy that he persevered and got his first place at last 🙂

    If he was British, he’d probably be too busy throwing his toys out of his pram to get his act together and try again…

  4. dimos said

    crap as usually

  5. Mike said

    Russia didn’t deserve . But that’s okay. There were better perfomances at eurovision. AH, ohh, i forgot, non of them had an olimpic gold medal on stage 😡

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