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But before we go…..

Posted by DINRIL on May 26, 2008

…..a few final thoughts on how the voting system could be improved for 2009, to make it fairer to all:

1) Outlaw mobile phones across the whole of Eastern Europe and the Baltics, thus making it much harder for the population at large to vote for their neighbours.

2) Re-instate communism in the Eastern Bloc, thus meaning no nations take part in the contest again until at least 2024.

3) Come up with a really complicated qualification system which involves eight different qualifiers consisting of five countries each. Only the top two and a half countries from each qualifier based on the equal percentage of the votes they received, divided by their points average since 1996 and subtracted from the population of the country who drive red cars will be allowed to proceed to the final. Or something.

4) Only Ireland allowed to give any points. But then the UK probably still wouldn’t win.

5) Cost of single phone vote to be raised to £38.50, or equivalent in local currency, thus making it unaffordable to the average voter planning to vote for their neighbours.

6) No countries taking part allowed to vote and entire outcome of contest to be handed over to a sheep farmer somewhere up a mountain in Tibet.

And no, we’re not taking this seriously. But Svante, if you’re listening…..


8 Responses to “But before we go…..”

  1. E.T. said

    Well, ignore the neighbourly voting or the diaspora factor, or the general Big Four allergy due to their guaranteed place in the final. Statistically speaking, every participant has a chance to win with a decently good song. This year, it was 2.33 %. Every year, some do good, some do bad. I am never convinced that the UK’s efforts were enough to be a real contender in this contest. All we do is to deride others, isn’t it? Let’s get rid of Terry Wogan first rather than quitting the contest.

  2. Pervie said

    Well, I think the first step would be that also the big four would participate in the semi-finals. Thus they would have to put some effort into their entries.

  3. Sammy said

    I agree. The UK has no right to a top place, or even a good place. Many songs better than Andy’s have done just as badly, or worse, haven’t even made it to the final – think Malta’s 2006 nul points entry (sorry can’t remember the title), or Kate Ryan’s Je t’adore – possibly the best dance song of the last 5 years, but it got voted out of the final.

    Andy Abraham’s song was great, best one of the lot in the national final, but it got lost in a sea of catchy tunes and vigorous choreography – and whoever chose his outfit has *a lot* to answer for, I tell you.

    As for Terry Wogan, the sooner he bids as farewell the better. If he quits after this year’s competition, one v. good thing will have come out of it.

  4. Sophie Adnell said

    I think we need to rethink and regroup on what entries we put through. Andy was very good but not the best. He went in second, which made it hard for people to compare other songs to his. Instead they compared him to then. We didn’t deserve last place, heaven forbid, but I think we all knew we wouldn’t win. Seriously, we aren’t that stupid.

    We need to show them a winner like we used to with Eurovision. If Katrina and the Waves went in even today they’d still have won. We need something like that!

  5. Ropi said

    Hey I really liked the show. Until the last line I thought you are an idiot but then it is funny.

  6. Tinsie said

    I enjoyed the show too, and would like the UK to continue to take part, with even better songs. I don’t much care for Terry Wogan, but I sincerely hope next year’s entry isn’t another Scooch – simply because we sent a good song one year and it didn’t get anywhere, that’s no excuse to impose 10 years of rubbish on the rest of Europe!

  7. dimos said

    Ridiculous thoughts

    You complain about political voting but you do the same. Ireland- England, Nordic countries together, Andora-Spain-Portugal, Greece-Cyprus…
    You have problem not because of political voting, but because that voting doesn’t favour you!

    When you start seeing Eurovision like a singing celebration and not like a national matter, then expect the poorer nations to do so. Just then we will start enjoying Eurovision.

    To clean Eurovision we need healthy people, not fanatised crowds with flags. Ooops, but that brings the money doesn’t it?

    ponder about it

  8. FC said

    Just let Australia do all the voting! Sure we may have a slight bias with UK immigration and pesky ethnic communities. But at the party I went to, people were cheering Norway, Israel, Greece, Ukraine & Armenia… which is pretty much as the same actual rankings anyway.

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