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Your Country Needs You! Er, are you sure….?

Posted by DINRIL on January 3, 2009

So, as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s bid to find the UK’s next Eurovision representative kicks off on Saturday in the shape of the BBC1 show Your Country Needs You, we have just one thing to say: anybody who thinks Lloyd Webber might just be the UK’s Eurovision saviour has clearly forgotten that he was the brains behind this, er classic chart-topper. All together now – one, two, three, four….we’re dooooooooooooooooomed……


2 Responses to “Your Country Needs You! Er, are you sure….?”

  1. John H said

    Just watched the show. Yes, we’re doomed alright: there’s not a potential winner among that lot.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the tone – low on camp, and really seeming to want to take the competition seriously. Lloyd-Webber seems to be well known and his music popular throughout Europe, so it’s possible he could be an asset.

    But even in the show, foreign Eurovision fans repeatedly told them what was necessary – an established, professional act, that’s already well known in lots of voting countries. That’s what worked for Russia. If Britain really wanted to win, that could surely be arranged.

    (About 10 minutes ago, it occurred to me that the Ting Tings could win it. Or at least do us proud.)

  2. Tinsie said

    I’ve not watched the show, as I’m in Greece at the moment (so no BBC coverage), but I have to agree with John H re: the need for an established act that is well known across Europe or at least in more than one country.

    Having said this, taking part isn’t just about winning – I’d be satisfied if the UK finished in the Top 10, and ecstatic if we finished in the Top 5.

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