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Not On Your Nelly……!

Posted by DINRIL on February 15, 2009

Far be it from us to suggest that we’re getting a little bored with all the ladies singing ballads at this year’s Eurovision (yawn, snooze……wake us up when they’re done) but it takes all sorts of songs to make a good contest, which means it’s just as important to have some uptempo numbers in there as well. And this little effort from Moldova – one of five songs chosen on Saturday night – is just the ticket.  Nelly Ciobanu’s Hora De Moldova is one of our favourites so far (certainly their best effort since their auspicious debut Bunica Bate Toba) and  comes over as Ruslana meets Tina Karol meets, er, some other songs from that region we’ve forgotten. We just hope her dancers had a nice lie-down afterwards…….


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