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Did someone say Greek God……?

Posted by DINRIL on February 19, 2009

Not us. Heaven forbid. After all, it’s only Sakis Rouvas, representing Greece for the second time at Eurovision with the song This Is Our Night. The female sector of Team Eurovision sees nothing to get remotely excited about (Editor catches sight of Sakis’ black jeans, eyes start to glaze over…..) Oh all right then, Sakis Rouvas could belch the Athens phone book on stage and we’d be transfixed, is that what you want to hear?

Seriously though folks, we reckon Sakis has to be in with a chance. Although we’re not quite sure, we’ll just have to watch this another few thousand times to decide…..


7 Responses to “Did someone say Greek God……?”

  1. xaris said

    saki god …. love

  2. Carluso said

    Hello, I’m from Spain. I like your blog!!
    We have an interview with a person of the juror who chooses the representative of spain in the festival. For if you are interested in it and you want to see it
    A greeting

  3. Besc said


    (Sorry for writing here, I just didn’t find your Contact.)

    “So the 1st BESC goes to …”
    There is only 1 week left to vote on BESC!
    At the moment the Hungarian, Georgian and Romanian videos have the most points.
    But this situation could change in every minute.
    Which clip is the best? Help us to decide and your site get a link in our linkbox.

    Thank You



  4. Tinsie said

    Sakis is seriously fit. Phoarrrrr!

  5. I like Sakis, he is a good performer for his style but I don’t think Greece will go very far. East Europe maybe…

  6. Greekman said


  7. Kent said

    This is my favorite Eurovision song of all time

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