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Taking it seriously this year, are we……?

Posted by DINRIL on February 23, 2009

We’re referring to Ireland, who fell flat on their faces last year with Dustin The Turkey’s attempt at a novelty song. However, the turkey is now history (rumours that it was last seen filling a sandwich at a Dublin branch of O’Briens have been firmly denied) and Ireland have decided to do things properly this year – and how properly they’ve done them!  A real departure from the ballads and folky twiddles that have won them countless contests in the past, Et Cetera is sparky, modern pop that makes us want to leap up and down and wave our tights in the air. The kids are gonna love it…..


3 Responses to “Taking it seriously this year, are we……?”

  1. morry said

    very true:) kids will love it, and it stands out , for all the right reasons this year:)

  2. This video has been removed… I hope you will see my msg because if the comment. There would be another video of the Irish song on youtube. I hope you will replace it

  3. Louie Clement said

    Is Ireland a sure thing in this year’s Eurovision? The people of Ireland think so.

    A recent competition asking people to guess the outright winner of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest currently has 44% of people picking Ireland as the victor in the annual singing fest.

    There is a feeling that our time has come this year and that Ireland will be bringing home the prize.

    The competition, which was launched by, the website that helps people buy what they want and sell what they don’t, has Sweden in second place with only 8% of the votes and Azerbaijan in third with 5%.

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