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Make your minds up already!!!!

Posted by DINRIL on February 26, 2009

The ongoing saga of the Hungarian representative at this year’s Eurovision appears to have finally reached a satisfactory conclusion. Originally they planned to send a bubble-haired singer called Mark Zentai with a rather dodgy pop tune, until it became apparent it had been released previously. Along came Katya Tompos with the dullest ballad we’ve heard in the Eurovision arena for a long time, then she also withdrew. So….now we have Adok Zoltan with a little number called Dance With Me, and – it’s blimmin’ ace! Which leads us to the question: why didn’t Hungary just submit this song to start with and save themselves a whole lot of bother…….??


2 Responses to “Make your minds up already!!!!”

  1. Besc said

    Great video!
    There are only 3 days to vote for ESC videos of 2008. At the moment Hungary, Georgia and Romania are on the first places. Who will get the BESC Award?

  2. BiB said

    Ooh, that is rather good.

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