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It’s Ireland! No, it’s Portugal! No, it’s…

Posted by DINRIL on March 2, 2009

Is it just us or is there a growing tide of fan support for Portugal on the Eurovision stage? Frankly we’re not surprised – now that Finland have scored a victory they are the longest serving country never to actually win the contest – and their entry last year was so good that we almost thought it was going to be their year. Sadly we don’t think 2009 will be, either, although Flor de Lis’ song is certainly easy on the ear. Even if it does seem to be incorporating a few too many Irish-sounding folk twiddles for comfort. Dervish, anyone??


2 Responses to “It’s Ireland! No, it’s Portugal! No, it’s…”

  1. Angelika said

    It IS traditional Portuguese folk music, but some Portuguese folk music can sound a little bit Celtic. Maybe it’s something to do with the types of instruments preferred.

    But if you ever get lost, just check- if the song mentions the sea about a million times, it’s probably Portuguese.

  2. Nakras said

    Please vote that Worldvision poll, choose your favourite hit !

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