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We Don’t Want To Put In We Don’t Wanna Put In. Or something…

Posted by DINRIL on March 16, 2009

Why does nobody ever tell us anything? Such as the fact that Georgia have withdrawn from this year’s contest? First we heard of it was when we came across the story on ESC Today the other day, saying that they had decided to pull out of the contest rather than alter their disco-tastic song We Don’t Wanna Put In, after the EBU decided the track broke the rules of the contest which state no political lyrics are allowed.

We can’t say we’re surprised, quite frankly, since it might have been tough finding a new song at this stage, and clearly the Georgians would rather make a stand for a song they believe in, which is fair enough. But we must add that we hope it’s only a temporary withdrawal. Georgia have only been in the contest for a couple of years but they’re already shaping up to be one of the more promising new participants and we would hate to think they have flounced off in a permanent huff. See you in 2010?


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