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The Great Big Eurovision Experiment 2009 – Russia

Posted by DINRIL on April 21, 2009

anastasiacropStep forward the host nation, represented by Anastasia Prikhodko….

You’ll represent Russia at Eurovision Song Contest, what do you feel?
Eurovision is a serious contest and I understand all the responsibility resting on me.  I’d like to believe that I’ll be able to do well. At the moment this is the most important thing in my life. I’m happy and now I’m living in anticipation of this contest.

What are your ambitions?

To sing my song in such a way so that the viewers understand it even without knowing Russian or Ukrainian.

As for us, viewers, what shall we expect from your performance? Probably, you’re planning to surprise everyone with some glamorous setting of your act?
It’s still a big secret!

Have you ever been in Moscow before and would you like to go there?
After Kiev Moscow is my second home, I love this city.

Have you heard the songs performed by other participants? Can you name those of them that impressed you most?
As for the songs of other participants, I’m listening to all of them. I liked Alexander Rybak from Norway. Jade, for sure – I was lucky to have a chance to see her  live performance. She was a guest of the Russian national selection show. Jade has a fantastic voice and she’s incredibly beautiful. As for Andrew Lloyd Webber who wrote a song for her, he is a legend in Russia. The fact that he wrote a song for Eurovision Song Contest made a splash here. Learning about his participation in this project, many Russian musicians, critics and producers said: “If the song is written by Lord Lloyd Webber, we’ll vote for Great Britain”. Here I must say that I’m glad that no country can vote for its participant. Otherwise I’m afraid that all “my” votes will go to Jade. (laugh)

Which of the songs ever performed at Eurovision Song Contests do you like most? And if it’s Russian or Ukrainian song – which one?
“Never Let You Go”, performed by Dima Bilan in Athens. “Prayer” – by Maria Sherifovich. In Turkey Sakis Rouvas had a real hit. And no doubt “Waterloo” is a hands-down winner.

What do you think about widespread notion that at ESC countries are voting for their neighbours?
I think that if everything were decided by politics we wouldn’t have some of the winners. No doubt that such a thing as ‘neighbouring voting’ exists at ESC but all the same. I believe that talent is winning over politics. I’m sure that if an artist is really great he/she will get 12 points not only from neighbours.

This year a winner will be determined by 50/50 televoting and jury voting. What do you think about that?
I believe that televoting is more democratic. On the other hand a winner of this year ESC will know for sure that his/her performance was marked very high by both – viewers and professionals. And it’s really worth it.

Can you explain the secret of the Eurovision Song Contest popularity, which is over 50 years old?
To my mind the secret of ESC popularity is the same as that of the Olympic Games. It’s a contest, competition for the artists and for viewers it is excitement, passion and a possibility to get together and root for their country. And for those who are interested in politics it’s a chance to say afterwards “we surmised as much”.


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