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The Great Big Eurovision Experiment 2009 – Armenia

Posted by DINRIL on April 27, 2009

ingaandanushJumping up with a nor par (to answer our questions that is…..), it’s the lovely Inga and Anush……

How does it feel to be representing your country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

Anush: It means a lot to us.

Inga: I can even define what “a lot” means. Let’s start from clichés: pride, responsibility, new horizons and boundaries:-) To be completely honest, these are not just words – we do feel all the mentioned. A contest like this is a huge source of professional growth for any artist. We are not an exception.

What are you most looking forward to about taking part?

Inga: The participation by itself is already very exciting. I’m sure I’ll receive bunch of emotions during the rehearsals so I can’t wait to get into the backstage life.

Anush: I’m very curious about meeting the participants from different countries and, of course, about  the contest itself.
What can we expect from your performance? Are you planning a lavish stage show?

Inga: As you probably know, our show will be made by the guys from the Fresh Art design trio. We decided to keep the details in secretJ  One thing is certain – it’s gonna be hot on the stage.

Have you ever been to Moscow and are you looking forward to it?

Anush: We have been to Moscow many times. Still, it doesn’t stop to surprise us with its crazy rhythm and fast changes.

Inga: During our last 2 visits to Moscow we were mostly involved in work with Fresh Art and it changed all our visions about this city:-) I personally fell in love with Moscow and can’t wait for the contest to be there again.

Which of this year’s other songs do you rate (Armenia’s is one of our favorites, incidentally!)?

Inga: Thanks :-).Turns out we have common tastesJ It’s one of the hardest questions we are being asked. However, I’ll mark Russia’s and Bosnia & Herzegovina’s entries.

Anush: My ratings for the songs are being changed in connection with my mood, right now I’d like to listen to Norway’s song:-)

Which is your favorite Eurovision song of all time, and which is your favorite from your home country?

Anush: Abba’s song that won the contest was very popular in Armenia and you can still hear it being played somewhere. We like it a lot. As for a favorite Armenian song, they all were unique in their own way, it’s hard to judge.

What do you think about the debate over so-called ‘political’ voting?

Inga: We believe that it is a song contest and no political row should interfere.

Anush: Even politicians should just relax and have fan sometimes. Our song will make them do soJ

How do you think the return of jury voting might influence the final result?

Anush: It surely can. That is why we want to attract the huge mass of voting audience across Europe. As for the jury, we hope that the professionalism of performing artists will be guiding principle in their decision.

Inga: To tell the truth, we don’t think much about the voting system and its influences. We are going to sing for the sake of singing.

Why do you think Eurovision is still so popular, even after all these years?

Inga: Maybe because it is a contest that incorporates so many different cultures and musical traditions. It is a multicultural contest and that’s why it is so interesting for people across Europe.

Anush: Besides, all people hear during the whole year – is mostly about wars and accidents. People do need some joy at least once a year.

Have you heard the UK’s song this year and what do you think? Any chance your country could give us some points this year (please…….? 🙂 )

We liked the UK’s entry very much. The chances of Armenia’s support are certainly big. Maybe we can discuss cross-promotion…..


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