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Jade’s doing the rounds…..!

Posted by DINRIL on April 30, 2009

Well, she has been, and this week the lovely Miss Ewen will be talking all things Eurovision on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, which will be on on – hey! Friday. Expect the inevitable jokes about nul points, political voting, dodgy dance routines and all the others we’ve heard a million times before and didn’t find funny the first time. But nonetheless will be worth watching if only to hear what the lady herself has to say.

It does seem also as though Jade is winning fans all over the continent, particularly in Scandinavia where she recently had dinner with Alexander Rybak, or as we like to refer to him, the Norwegian pixie. Evidence of this meeting recently arrived in the Team Eurovision mailbox in the shape of this photo…


One of the people in this photo is clearly thinking, “Oh my goodness I can’t believe my luck. I have gotten to first base!” The other appears to be thinking, “Can I go home now?” We leave you to draw your own conclusions……


One Response to “Jade’s doing the rounds…..!”

  1. Nat said

    Jade really does not look happy, friendly or in any way likeable…

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