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The Great Big Eurovision Experiment 2009 – Azerbaijan

Posted by DINRIL on May 5, 2009

ayselarashThey are always on our mind – wave hello to Aysel and Arash, this year’s representatives of Eurovision’s newest participants Azerbaijan….

How does it feel to be representing your country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?
AySel: It’s an amazing chance and huge responsibility for me to present the whole country Azerbaijan at Eurovision it’s like a fairytale! Moreover in a duo with such experienced musician as Arash. It’s a huge responsibility. But we’ll try to do our best for Azerbaijan and show to all Europe unexpected Always show in May.
Arash: I’m very grateful that I’ve got such a chance to be a part of such an incredible competition as Eurovision Song Contest. I’m always opened for new opportunities and new creations. My great-grandfather was an Azeri so I always feel me Azerbaijani roots. So it was easy to make a decision to participate in the Eurovision as Azerbaijani representative.

What are you most looking forward to about taking part?
AySel: I’m a big fan of Eurovision. Since I was a child I was dreaming about participating in the contest. And I was so glad that our country started with a big success last year. In September my friends told me about national selection to this competition. I decided to participate and to examine myself and succeed!
Arash: It’s a challenge for me as well and I want to do my best to make greatest show ever on the best European stage!

What can we expect from your performance? Are you planning a lavish stage show?

AySel: I like experiments on stage. We’ve realized a lot of interesting ideas about this year performance. But you can be fully confident that it will be impressive and interesting show. You have never seen something like that before that we can promise.
Arash: The final version of our show you can see only in Moscow. Be prepared, it’ll surprise you in so many ways that I can’t even describe.

Have you ever been to Moscow and are you looking forward to it?
Arash: We had been in Moscow during our promotour and will be very glad to come back to our performance on the 14th of May, I liked it there very much!
AySel: Me too, looking forward to get back to Moscow and take a stage again!

Which is your favourite Eurovision song of all time, and which is your favourite from your home country (er, this should be quite obvious- Ed)?
AySel: Azerbaijan is participating in Eurovision for the second time only but I’m a huge fan of our last year song “Day After Day”. Among my other favorite songs are Abba – Waterloo (Sweden), Maria Sherifovich – Molitva (Serbia), Maria – Hold on be strong (Norway), Ruslana – Wild Dance (Ukraine), Ani Lorak – Shady Lady (Ukraine) and so much more. It’s very hard to pick one from such huge amount of amazing songs!
Arash: Same goes for me, watch every year, always trying to vote. A lot of really amazing performances.

What do you think about the debate over so-called ‘political’ voting?
AySel: We never thought of Eurovision as a political contest.
Arash: For us it’s an opportunity to represent great song and to make European viewers get known with Azerbaijan, the Land of Fire.

How do you think the return of jury voting might influence the final result?
AySel: We are ready for every change. I think you don’t need to bother even to go and take part in some competition if you don’t want to win it. We’ll do everything possible to take Azerbaijan up high!
Arash: Yep, we will do everything possible to win.

Why do you think Eurovision is still so popular, even after all these years?
AySel: It is a lifechanging opportunity for every participant and great show for every viewer.
Arash: The best European TV show ever and I’ve got nothing to add!

Have you heard the UK’s song this year and what do you think? Any chance your country could give us some points this year (please…….? 🙂 )
AySel: As for me UK’s song is one of the best this year. So impressive. But it’s all depending on viewers’ and jury opinion.
Arash: I think It’s My Time is very good this year and you can hope for great results!


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