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The new greatest thing EVAH……

Posted by DINRIL on May 8, 2009

…..comes in the shape of this thing of wonder from the official BBC Eurovision website.  Eurohistory is a Eurovision geek’s dream, offering details of the scoring from 1956 – 2008 on a country by country basis – not only can you see who voted for each country but you can see who they voted for also. And as if that’s not enough it tells you whether the song was a ballad, midtempo or upbeat, whether it was sung by a soloist or group,  male or female – you name it, basically.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect however is simply being able to see who voted for who each year – which certainly does throw up some intriguing results. Let us examine the case of last year’s winners Russia for example – who received 12 points from, er, Estonia, Latvia, Armenia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, and 10 points from Moldova – need we continue?  Or let’s look at Sweden in 2007 – a disappointing 51 points for The Ark, although they certainly had their fans, getting 12 points from Norway and Denmark, 10 points from Iceland, 8 points from Finland……

Oh well, let’s see who Russia voted for last year. Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan – well I never. And Sweden in 2007? It appears they gave their 12 points to hosts Finland, who hadn’t exactly set the scoreboard on fire at that point.

Is it just us or does anyone see a pattern emerging here at all……?:-)

2 Responses to “The new greatest thing EVAH……”

  1. tab said

    It seems as though they’ve got at least one mistake – France is listed as the winner in 1991 (and it would have been if the tiebreaking rules were slightly different…). But definitely a cool site!

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