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The Time Has Come…..

Posted by DINRIL on May 11, 2009

….to make our predictions for the first semi-final qualifiers. Which are as follows……..

SWEDEN – because a) they are Sweden, and b) when your song sounds like what the Pet Shop Boys would sound like if they teamed up with Lesley Garrett and you’re accompanied by a load of foxy blokes wearing silver foil cones on their heads, there really is no question of not qualifying. Honest.

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA – because Chris Martin will doubtless be calling in to cast approximately eight million votes for the Balkan Coldplay. Oh,and because it’s one of the best songs in the contest…..

TURKEY – because let’s face it, they could belch the Istanbul phonebook on stage and get through. Even though Dum Tek Tek is, how shall we put this, a tad ordinary (gasp!)

ARMENIA – because we will be jumping up with a Jan Jan. And because Armenia have been in every single final since they first entered Eurovision and they’re not going to break their track record with a song this good.

MALTA – because Chiara is Eurovision royalty and deserves it. And because we have been going round all week saying, “So what if we – er, vote for her? (Just stop it already -Ed)

ICELAND – because – er, we can’t really think of a reason other than it’s a rather stirring ballad reminiscent of that Norwegian song that did so well last year. And because it has ‘dark horse’ written all over it.

SWITZERLAND – because strictly speaking it’s the best song in the contest, possibly too good for Eurovision. And because they have U2’s producer and we’re scared that if we leave it out Bono might come round and shout at us. Seriously though they deserve it. So yes please!

PORTUGAL – because the fans either a) love it or b) feel sorry for them, we can’t quite work out which. Don’t ask us to sing it to you though because we can’t actually remember how it goes no matter how many times we hear it.

FINLAND – because one minute we thought no, now we think yes. Still not sure but we’ll go with it because it seems popular. And we want the chance to dance like lunatics to it in the final.

ISRAEL – because there is a thing called a ‘jury vote’ and we think this might get it. And because we didn’t want to include FYR Macedonia or Belarus……


Montenegro – just get out of my contest?

Romania – the Balkan Girls clearly don’t like to party enough……


Bulgaria – we almost went for this instead of Israel but still finding Krassi’s falsetto a bit offputting.Put it this way, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the final.

Czech Republic – because we’re allowed one random mad prediction of the year and we just have a feeling this may do a lot better than everybody is predicting. Especially given the fact that not only can they actually play, but they seem to know how to put on a performance – even if that does involve one of them dressing up in a dodgy superhero costume. It could happen! Seriously…..

Enjoy the show, people……………………


11 Responses to “The Time Has Come…..”

  1. Ali C said

    Wow. Impressive, getting 9/10.

    I’m bummed about the Swiss, though. Best song in the contest doesn’t go through?? Ouch.

  2. Jade said

    I could have told you Switzerland wouldn’t have made it through – they never do, in fact I can’t remember the last time they were in the final.
    I would have liked Andorra togo through, I thought that song was good.

  3. John H said

    Re: the Portugese entry, you might not be able to hum the tune, but you can hum ‘Torn’ by Natalie Imbruglia over it… or any of those other songs with the same chords.

  4. BiB said

    Yes, shame about the Swiss but the singer was actually a bit disappointing live. But go you! 9 out of 10 accurate predictions. Thought Armenia and Iceland put on a good show.

  5. alex said

    Swiss do have a good song and I was not surprised that it was U2’s producer. But the singer last night was not good. It sounded like he couldn’t even get close to the high notes and that the song was even brought down a few tones and he still couldn’t get there. Bad singing killed a lot of songs last night. I thought Turkey’s backup singer was horrible anad Malena was not in good form and was overpowered by her backup group. I liked the melodi production a lot more. I wonder if in Melodi they can use backing tracks because it sounded very different last night and not in a good way. Reminded me of poor sebastian tellier (France ’08) who had to have his awesome digitized voices substituted for real people with disasterous results. But it certainly is looking good for Rybak.

    This is my 4th Eurovision and last night was by far the worst round I have ever seen. The limitless possibilities of the stage are incredible, but everyone needs to tone it down. B&H had maybe the best stage production because they kept it simple and focused on the performers. The huge venue only helps to completely suck the life out of the place. Not to mention half of the camera shots seem to come from space with the performers looking like ants. The hosts and the backstage guy were atrocious. Smarmy, rude and not funny. I did like the russian chorus and tatu was even fun. Looking forward to a better Thursday.

  6. alex said

    I forgot to mention that Bulgaria was perhaps the funniest unintentional performance I have ever seen. Fire! Clocks! Besides the tuneless screeching, there were people on stilts! And when they started twirling…I just about lost it.

    • Paul said

      I agree about Bulgaria! I went from “ugh this is just awful and won’t qualify” to “ugh this is just SO awful that it might actually qualify” to even “hmmmm *suspicious look at TV* did they plan to make this look and sound SO bad that it was actually funny… so then I hated it from a tying-to-be-a-novelty-act perspective. Yes I was quite emotional throughout that one. I don’t think I could go through trying to work that one out again and thankfully won’t have to!

  7. usrboss said

    you failed man, Romania not in the final? what tastes you have? or are you a gay?

  8. Yes Usrboss, I admit it, I like men. I’m female btw……:-)

  9. nikki said

    I’m very excited because I heard Mihran will be representing Armenia for Eurovison 2010. His really good.

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