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And here we go again…..

Posted by DINRIL on May 13, 2009

……with predictions for who’ll be qualifying from the second semi-final on Thursday……

NORWAY – because if he doesn’t he’ll ride down from Hogwarts on his broomstick and (STOP IT RIGHT NOW – Ed), er, we meant because it’s the hottest favourite in years and there is no question of it qualifying. The real question is whether it can win – and we’re beginning to sense that with one of the strongest final line-ups in years looming large that Alexander may find it tougher than he thinks. A lot will of course depend on where he lands in the running order – 16th would be pretty good but if he ends up going first then we can potentially wave bye bye to Hammerfest 2010….

AZERBAIJAN – because they are always on our minds. And because they’ll be dancing to this one on the beaches in Benidorm this summer, mark my words – ’tis a fab summery pop tune and as far as we’re concerned the final would be a poorer place without it.

GREECE – because even though the song is a tad ordinary there are millions of dribbling masses of both sexes all across Europe who are more than happy to pick up the phone and vote for Sakis’ biceps.

DENMARK – because we like the idea of a full house for Scandinavia, and simply because it’s a damn good pop song of the sort Denmark are very good at (and Ronan Keating of course). Another one of the dark horses, we suspect.

UKRAINE – because Svetlana is barking. And we need barking people in the final.

ESTONIA – because (and we never thought we’d find ourselves saying this about an Estonian entry) it deserves to, damn it! After several years in the semi-final wilderness they have finally come up with a decent, classy tune, and it ought to be there. And if it isn’t we will sulk.

MOLDOVA – because the editor’s three-year-old daughter (hereafter referred to as ‘Junior Eurovision’ caught a snatch of it the other day and proudly declared, “that’s YOU singing, Mummy!” (Editor is now changing her name to Nelly with immediate effect……) And also because we liked this from the second we heard it and you just know the stage show is going to be bonkers.

ALBANIA – because we’ve fallen in love with it, and anybody who performs on stage with an odd-looking blue gimp while dressed like something out of The Wizard of Oz certainly gets our vote.

SERBIA – because they are Serbia. And as ridiculous as their song Cipolata (It’s Cipela, actually – Ed) might be we love the fact they have diverted from their formulaic po-faced ballads, and for that reason they deserve to be in the final.

LITHUANIA – close run thing between them and Croatia but we have plumped for Sasha Son because even though we’re not keen on the song it seems to have a lot of fans. This, incidentally, is also our bet to kick off the final although obviously it has to qualify first. But it wouldn’t surprise us if it was Croatia. Hmmmmmm, think we have covered our backs there 🙂

Close but no cigar



Other possibles

Latvia – because we’ve debated this one long and hard and have a hunch about it. Quite why we’re not sure but there’s a part of us that thinks this may have some strange appeal, if this and Serbia don’t cancel each other out that is.

Ireland – because we like this one and always have done even though it sounds like Josie And The Pussycats meets Hannah Montana. It’s probably a bit of a no-hope if we’re being honest but if the younger audience take to it then who knows what could happen?

Onwards and upwards to Thursday……


10 Responses to “And here we go again…..”

  1. Paul said

    Hullo 😉 Always love your takes on the goings-ons in eurovisionland.

    I find myself really hoping either of the following happens:

    Either Alexander’s tongue catches one of the flick-flack dancers in such a way that they all come tumbling down and the fairytale ends


    Sakis over-optimistically jumps (even better if mistimed to the word “fly”) and lands on a dancer (I have a theme running here of catching accompanying dancers in horrible ways for some reason) and ends in a similar greek tragedy on floor.

    OK, basically I have £20 E/W on Moldova and on Estonia in my “what is the best odds compared with chance of getting in the top 4”, I’ve also suprised myself on wishing Estonia well – who’d have thought it?

    So I need Norwegan tongue action or Sakis slip-ups to take place quick pronto.

    I also stuck £20 E/W on Armenia and mildly optimistic my gals will deliver. (They’re just, they’re just Inga and Anush from the block)

  2. Paul said

    Also agree with Moldova – oh how the bookies have this wrong…she’s so sweet, she’d rot the most hardy tooth!

    Less can be said for Svetlana but potentially the one to root behind to take down the Norway/Greek machine (and any other machine for that matter)

    Lastly… THAT’S why mums go to Iceland – also agree with a previous post – dark horse written all over it!

  3. Paul said

    Sorry – last thing (turning into a comment whore!)

    Everything will be crossed that norway or greece gets that 1st slot. It would be nice to throw the contest wide open as its a very strong anyone-can-win year this year so lets keep it that way!

  4. slayton491 said

    does anyone think that ireland have a chance to progress to the final tonight? I HOPE SO

    check out my blog for Eurovision Memories @

  5. Ionel said

    With all due respect you have some very childish (not to be more cruel) reasons/explanations/arguments…

  6. Lori said

    Omg I think norway is a firm top 3!?! he’s so cute how can anyone resist that. and azerbaijan well it’s catchy and memorable. I’m still loving romania’s balkan girls i thought it would be really popular.

  7. Lori said

    why didn’t uk perform in the semi final tuesday or today!?! i cant understand

  8. slayton491 said

    So disappointed that Ireland failed to qualify for the final on saturday. They definitely deserved a spot in the top ten on the night and they were better than at least half of the qualifying countries.

  9. I was disappointed too! 😦

  10. Alba said

    Hey – whats up. Thanks a bunch for the info. I’ve been digging around looking some info up for shool, but there is so much out there. Google lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the good work. I will be popping back over in a few days to see if there is updated posts.

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