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Posted by DINRIL on May 13, 2009

So with one semi-final down and another looming, the running order so far looks something like this…..

1  – ?????
2 Israel
3 France
4 Sweden
5  – ?????
6 Portugal
7 Iceland
8  – ?????
9 Armenia
10 Russia
11 – ?????
12 Bosnia-Herz.
13 – ?????
14 Malta
15 – ?????
16 – ?????
17 Germany
18 Turkey
19 – ?????
20 – ?????
21 – ?????
22 Romania
23 U.K.
24 Finland
25 Spain

Now obviously we don’t know what order Thursday’s qualifiers will be singing in (and the prospect of one of the favourites like Norway or Azerbaijan kicking things off, thus potentially ruining their chances of victory) but based on what we have here, can we just offer one great big YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! for the position in which the UK now finds itself? Not only do we have a fantastic position in the running order but we are now surrounded by, how shall we put this, the two weakest qualifiers from last night. Obviously don’t want to jump the gun here, but we are tentatively packing our bags for Chalfont 2010 as we speak……….


8 Responses to “WAHEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. holger said

    as if the UK had any chance to win, ha ha

    please, the song is lame and there are at least 2 more ballads that are stronger (ie Iceland and Malta)

    After yesterday, I have Bosnia-Herzegowina on top of my list. Let’s see who will surprise me tomorrow! Looking forward…

  2. Hey, I’m from the UK, let me have my moment 🙂

    And agree with you about Bosnia-Herzegovina, I thought they were terrific last night, as were Malta, Iceland and Armenia. Sweden was a bit disappointing though……

  3. BiB said

    Gosh, and weren’t the B&Hers well-dressed?

    I know the Finnish song is kind of pap but I think it got the crowd going, which might not be easy in that cavernous arena, and that could erase the memory of Jade pretty quickly.

    The Israeli song could be a grower, though I don’t think they actually performed that well yesterday. Glad they made it through though.

    Anyway, thought yesterday was a bloody good show. Hooray for Eurovision!

  4. alex said

    sorry uk, but the ALW show is going to be one huge weird snoozefest. Poor Jade having to share the stage with Sir creepy sitting there playing his unmiked piano. Can’t you guys get Paul McCartney to do something? That would be fun.

  5. Paul said

    Yes – Iceland won me over too.. who’d have thought a sort of “this is going to clash with Malta and UK and France and get lost in the ether” song would instead turn out to be the forerunner in that genre…

    For Bosnia.. can you be done for somehow plaguerising your own country’s stage formula (Hari Mata Hari – and its performance).. if not then great original concept and wish them all the best.

    Hadise does not deserve to do as well as she is going to do though, I found a sour taste in my mouth after hearing her rendition and you got the feeling they are thinking “well, we have at least 100 points in the bag WHATEVER we do, so lets not bother doing much”.

    I have money on Armenia though so I found myself all critical and panicky when it came to it.. so now I’m not sure WHAT I think of it.. something tells me they could have done more – got off their little stage thingy for a start, perhaps even mosh pitted at the audience or something (even better if humorous crowd part seeing Inga coming towards them).

  6. Pinwiz said

    What’s the big deal about B&H? I don’t get it. It’s a fairly boring song and has very static staging. I can understand how they made the finals, but why are they any kind of contender?

    • Paul said

      well – that sort of moody ballad from that sort of country also seems to knock out the points.. I think its more going on past form.. It will also help that there may not BE many other countries from round there in the final… that has to be worth some points..

      On the same note – slightly happier about the prospect of ALL the scandinavian countries in the final (Denmark aside) – Norway may well struggle its way around the leaderboard as a result… Down with the favourate – power to the underdogs!!

      Jade can’t really hope for any better though, you just don’t know – she could pull this off!

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