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Smurf’s Up!

Posted by DINRIL on November 30, 2009

Now we’re not suggesting for one minute that the Netherlands’ out of nowhere victory at last weekend’s Junior Eurovision might have gone to their heads a little bit (although who could blame them if it did, since it’s the first taste the Dutch have had of Eurovision success since 1975, a time that even our editor is much too young to remember), but we’re not sure we’re liking the latest news coming to us from that part of the world.

According to ESC Today one Pierre Kartner, veteran songwriter and the Netherlands’ best selling composer ever, is all set to write the Dutch entry for Oslo 2010. Who he? Well, you probably know him better as Father Abraham, writer and narrator of that late 70s ‘classic’ The Smurf Song. Yes, those funny blue puppet things that sounded like they had inhaled too much helium before putting their voices to record. This does not bode well.

Of course Kartner has written other songs (he penned the Netherlands’ 1973 Eurovision entry for one) and it’s nice to see the country taking their 2010 effort  a bit more seriously, but we can’t help feeling a little uneasy about this. One of the Dutch commentators, Cornald Maas, has apparently suggested that Kartner could do for the Netherlands what Andrew Lloyd Webber did for the UK this year. Er, yes. But Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote Evita, Sunset Boulevard, Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Phantom Of The Opera et al. Pierre Kartner, on the other hand, wrote this:

I think we’ll just leave it there, shall we……?


One Response to “Smurf’s Up!”

  1. Dimitry said

    Andrew Lloyd Webber didn’t write Chess, it was Ulvaeus and Andersson from ABBA with Tim Rice.

    BTW, it’s a great song, let’s hope Kartner will write something as good for ESC

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