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Good grief, it’s the first song of 2010……!

Posted by DINRIL on December 26, 2009

……a tad early, we venture to suggest – this is after all Eurovision 2010 we’re talking about and we’re still in 2009. Nonetheless it appears that Pierre Kartner, the ‘legendary’ songwriter that has been drafted in to compose the Netherlands’ entry for next year, is a quick worker, for he’s not only written the track but even unleashed a demo version of it on Dutch radio last week.

And having had a listen to it, we’re convinced that this is the song that will drag the contest kicking and screaming….all the way back to 1974. Because only Joy Fleming in a maxi-dress backed by a trio of tuba players could possibly make this sound more dated than it already is, from its jaunty backing track right down to the ‘sha la la’, ‘sha la lie’ chorus that signals a return to the dark days of nonsensical lyrics on the Eurovision stage.

To be fair, however, this is only the demo version of the song – and we’ll see exactly what form it takes following the Dutch national final on February 7, when six participants will each perform a different arrangement of the song, the winner taking their version to Oslo (we think, anyway, following a rather confusing conversation earlier along the lines of ‘so are they voting for their favourite singer? Or their favourite version of the song?????’ ‘And what if they don’t like the winning singer’s version? Will he or she have to sing a different version?????’ Enough already).

Either way we will reserve judgment until then – but if you want to hear the track for yourself you can do so here. Meanwhile, rumours that the final will feature a ‘Smurf’ version of the song sung by men in giant blue costumes who sound like they have inhaled one helium balloon too many in the Green Room have – been entirely made up by us for the sake of a cheap laugh. And on that note it is onwards and upwards to the impending Albanian final……


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