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You going all serious on us, Ukraine…..?

Posted by DINRIL on January 2, 2010

……because after several years of wackiness and upbeat frivolity, the Ukrainians appear to be adopting rather a different tactic for 2010 and sending this bloke, Vasyl Lazarovich, to represent them in Oslo. Not that we have a problem with this. He’s easy on the eye (well, once we had gotten over the intial shock when we saw a rather bad photo of him and thought they were being represented by Phil Mitchell), he can sing, and could easily do quite well with the right kind of song. It’s just that – well, we’re so used to the Ukrainians coming up with mad, offbeat performances by, how shall we put this, quirky characters wearing dresses and frolicking around with near-naked gladiators, that this Vasyl chap just looks a little bit too sensible to be representing this country on the Eurovision stage. Maybe he could throw something wacky into the performance? Just something small? For us?? Oh well.  Bet he tells a damn good joke at parties though……


One Response to “You going all serious on us, Ukraine…..?”

  1. Lazarovich has a quite powerful voice. He’s a great choice to represent Ukraine. Now everything depends on the song he will choose for Eurovision. Hope it will allow him to show his best!

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