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Honestly, You Couldn’t Make It Up…..

Posted by DINRIL on January 15, 2010

Over in Moldova something very strange appears to be going on in their Eurovision selection process. Seems this year there’s been a competition allowing anybody to enter a song which has resulted in 87 entries being submitted. And one of those entrants, supermarket security guard Pavel Turcu, has since achieved Susan Boyle-esque levels of fame in his home country and is on his way to becoming a cult figure across the rest of Europe – thanks largely to his Europop effort Imn Eurovision. Only it’s not so much the irritatingly repetitive yet oddly catchy song that’s doing it for him, as the accompanying photo on his Youtube clip – which people have taken to their hearts to such an extent that the man himself now has fan clubs, ringtones, Facebook groups, multiple Youtube viewings, TV appearances – you name it, he has it. And he hasn’t even won the Moldovan national final yet (if indeed he does).

Not that we’re sure of the reasons for his cult status, mind – maybe it’s the shiny suit that we’re sure we saw on a Mr Byrite sale rack in 1992? The ever so slightly dated and vaguely sinister haircut? The facial expression which leaves us wondering whether he has had a fence post inserted into a delicate body part? Or just the fact that it’s one of the easiest things in the world ever to produce a parody of (put on ill-fitting suit, stand in front of camera looking ill at ease while song plays in background, everybody laughs, result….)? If you haven’t seen the clip yet, check it out below and judge for yourself…..


7 Responses to “Honestly, You Couldn’t Make It Up…..”

  1. Ion Grosu said

    He is a simple, open, sincere person with a dream. He preserved the joy of singing that we miss more and more on stages.

    He is the Eurovision Terminator-2.

    And he’s going to Oslo. đŸ™‚

  2. pointer said

    Crappy song, but the reason behind the widespread support he is getting are moves from some local bloggers to challenge the boundary between “culture” that is showcased and that which is actually consumed.

  3. BiB said

    Is there anywhere we can see him move, rather than just stare out at us?

  4. nenormalul said


  5. Lucia Aprodu said

    yes there is, check this out:

    The jury did not let him through to the national competition today. Almost 200,000 views on Youtube (which is a lot for a 4m people country) and all the other stuff they’ve never heard of doesn’t seem to matter:-/

  6. Nordmann said

    Pavel Turcu for president!!!

    Stupid jury for not even letting him into the finals. He should at least be allowed to perform as a guest artist for fun. He has, after all, gotten more publicity and fame than the other nobodies! He has almost 200 000 views and the others don’t even reach 20 000…

  7. Tinsie said

    I’m afraid he’s not doing it for me. I couldn’t wait for the “song” to finish, I paused it while it was still half way through. I’m not keen on the shiny suit either :-/

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