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It’s Pete…..

Posted by DINRIL on January 29, 2010

……Waterman that is. Yup, the uber-producer/songwriter who revolutionised the careers of Kylie Minogue, Bananarama, Mel And Kim, Jason Donovan, Sonia and, er, Big Fun, is to pen the UK’s 2010 Eurovision entry. No word yet on song title or any other details or even who’ll be singing it (with the official line being that details of the contest to find the performer will be announced soon).

And OK, we’ll level with you. Initially we were slightly aghast at this, cue comments of ‘isn’t Pete Waterman who you call when Simon Cowell isn’t available?’, while fan forums appear to be buzzing with just one question from the massed ranks of Europe, “Who???????” Clearly the man does not have the same clout as Andrew Lloyd Webber (and we can’t picture him on stage with our singer playing the piano while sporting a fixed grin either). But in hindsight perhaps we should reserve judgment until we’ve heard what he comes up with. Yes, the guy may be formulaic but much of the time it has been a formula that works. Just so long as he comes up with something akin to this:

as opposed to, er, something like this:

And on that note we are going to formulate plans to go into hiding until June……


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