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Normal Service Has Been Resumed….

Posted by DINRIL on February 19, 2010

Apologies for the lack of update when there were Armenian and Polish songs to be waxing lyrical about but your beloved editor has spent the past week looking after a poorly child (aka Junior Eurovision) only to be laid low by the same stomach bug. (Still, the Vampire Weekend gig we went to in the middle of all this was great, but anyway…..). We are indeed back with a vengeance and it’s time to play catch-up on what we’ve missed. Not a lot, as it happens, but we do have two more songs to report upon.

The first one comes from Armenia, and MAJOR kudos to them for coming up with possibly the first song this year that actually sounds contemporary, as opposed to a throwback to the days of old (unless of course you count the Glee School Musical antics of Denmark). The rhyme-tastically named Eva Rivas certainly has a cool tune on her hands here that brings a welcome splash of ethno-pop to the stage, although whether we could ever see a song called, er, Apricot Stone actually winning the contest is another matter entirely. Sounds uncomfortably to us like a character in a rubbish chick-lit novel. But anyway. Take a listen. Enjoy. And answer us just one question: that bloke in the hood at the start isn’t actually playing the recorder is he?

And so to Poland. And once again we are forced to ask ourselves, just how can a country so large that must clearly possess some kind of musical talent somewhere get it SO spectacularly wrong every single year? Honestly, we’d love to see Poland repeat the success of their 1994 debut or even replicate their Dance Contest victory from a couple of years back, but as long as they keep coming up with nonsense like this it just ain’t gonna happen. Sigh. For what it’s worth, here’s Marcin Mrozinski with Legenda. We’re going to go and hide:

Coming soon: Malta, Spain, Slovenia, Azerbaijan and  FYROM. No, we can barely stand the suspense either…..


7 Responses to “Normal Service Has Been Resumed….”

  1. armando said

    Armenia is the best song so far this year, or the least dire at any rate. It’s still the worst Armenian Euroentry yet. Bah.

  2. Makalu said

    BEST song..

  3. Dimitry said

    Armenia was one the best one so far, they have some chance of winning. Poland is terrible – no melody, no nothing. Complete junk.

  4. ALvina said

    Great song Armenia, looking forward to a good performance
    good luck…

  5. Laert said

    Is it only me or does Eva Rivas kind of look like Angelina Jolie? One is for sure, she`s very hot, so that`s a plus 🙂

    Anyway Good luck Armenia and to all…..

  6. koritsuli said

    These are very harsh words for Poland … I am sure they were not the worst performers of the contest this year. Besides, we are not that big country 😉

  7. Caroline said

    I love Poland, I’ve been there and it’s a wonderful country. Just didn’t like the song much this year that’s all… guys should send Ich Troje again! 🙂

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